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Nikon's new S7000 compact is aimed at the point-and-shoot holiday photographer who wants a versatile zoom range in an easily portable package. The headline feature of the S7000 is its generous 20x optical zoom, which equates to 25-500mm in 35mm terms.

The Coolpix S7000 has a long 20x zoom that retracts completely into the body.

There's a 20 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, full HD video recording, which is pretty much standard these days, along with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, which are becoming increasingly common.

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Rounding out the spec list is a range of scene modes, a three-inch 460k-dot LCD screen and an EXPEED C2 processor.

Build and Handling

The S7000 slips comfortably into a pocket or small bag, and Nikon has gone with a fairly standard design and construction, with the control buttons grouped at the right hand side.

There's a mode dial on the top of the camera, and while there are no manual or semi-automatic exposure modes there are still a couple of things you can change when using Auto mode, including white balance and sensitivity, via the main menu.

The Nikon S7000 comes in gold, silver, black and pink.

There's no touch-screen control but the S7000 does offer Wi-Fi and NFC.

When shooting in Effects mode you need to open the main menu every time you want to choose a new effect, which is a bit of a faff - it would be a nice if you could do this using a quick menu or function button.

Connecting the camera to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi is reasonably quick and easy, but it's a shame you can't control a greater range of functions, aside from zooming the lens and firing the shutter, from the companion app, which you can download for free. The app is useful for capturing selfies and group shots though, and if you have an NFC-enabled device the connection setup is even quicker, as you simply tap the two devices together.

You can set the autofocus point manually on the S7000, which is a rare and welcome feature for a compact camera at this level. To do so you first need to select Manual under AF area mode in the main menu, then press the OK button in the centre of the navigation pad and scroll to the desired point using the directional keys.


As you'd expect for a camera with a small sensor, the S7000 performs best in good light. Colours are lovely and vibrant, and accurate too, which is pleasing to see – we've noticed cyan-like skies with some previous Nikon compacts, but happily that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Colours are nicely saturated and the overall impression of detail is good.

Click here for a full size version.

In general, detail is well rendered: if you zoom in to 100% you'll see some image smoothing at every sensitivity setting, but this is no worse than with other compact cameras of its kind – and most viewers won't be subjecting your images to such close scrutiny.

Shooting at higher sensitivities, such as ISO 800 or 1600 leads to more noticeable loss of detail, but the trade-off is that noise is kept to a minimum and the overall impression of detail is still good, especially when images are viewed at normal print and web sizes.

At the very highest ISO setting of ISO 6400 the image remains useable but only at very small sizes.

Click here for a full size version.

You can't change the metering mode, but the automatic setting does a reasonable job of producing accurate exposures without too much need for exposure compensation, other than when you're shooting in very high contrast conditions.

The auto white balance system also performs well, producing accurate colours in the majority of situations, including under artificial lighting.

At its widest point, the 20x optical zoom lens offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 25mm, making it ideal for landscapes.

Click here for a full size version.

At the telephoto end of the optic, or 500mm equivalent, detail is retained well.

Click here for a full size version.

Detail is well rendered throughout the lens's optical zoom range. The digital zoom is a different matter: it's best avoided, unless you're desperate to get especially close to a subject, as there's a noticeable drop in image quality.

We liked

The 20x optical zoom is enough to cover most bases, and makes the camera ideal for walkabout travel and street photography. And unlike some other 20x optical zoom offerings the camera is also nice and slim, and fits comfortably in your pocket.

We disliked

It would have been nice to see a touchscreen, as it's likely that S7000 users will also be smartphone users.


Offering a neat little package for your money, the S7000 performs well and boasts some useful features that will appeal to those looking for a simple family or holiday camera.

The Nikon S7000 offers versatility and value for money.

While you can't take full manual control, the 20x optical zoom is a great asset, and the camera is capable of producing shots that look good, especially if they're taken in decent lighting.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi is easy to use, if a little limited in its functions, while the Effects mode enables you to add some fun and funky treatments to your images if you like that sort of thing.

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Review

When seeking an inexpensive point and shoot camera, you know you’re going to have to give up a few features that you’d like to have. But you don’t want to give up too much, especially in key areas such as resolution count and optical zoom lens measurement. And this Nikon Coolpix S7000 review shows that you can find versatility in a low priced camera.

The price of the S7000 varies quite a bit by retailer, but it usually can be found for less than $250 and sometimes as a best digital camera under $200. At this price point, it’s a good deals as the S7000 has a 20X optical zoom lens. Having a thin camera with such a big zoom lens is great, because it provides quite a few options for setting up your photographic scenes. The Coolpix S7000 has some drawbacks, which is common for an inexpensive point and shoot camera, but it still compares favorably against its similarly priced competitors.


WHY THIS IS A TOP PICK: Great versatility, thanks to an impressive 20X optical zoom lens.

Summary: Although the Nikon Coolpix S7000 has some drawbacks, having a 20X optical zoom lens in a camera that has a low price and measures only 1.1 inches in thickness is a significant advantage.

Price: $276.95 from Amazon Available: February 10, 2015 Model: 26483/S7000

What We Liked

  • Camera is very easy to use
  • 20X optical zoom lens is a great feature in a low priced digital camera
  • S7000 measures only 1.1 inches in thickness
  • Plenty of fun special effects to use with this model
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities

What We Didn’t

  • Low light image quality could be better when using a mid-range ISO setting
  • No manual control options
  • No popup flash unit; only a tiny embedded flash
  • No touch screen LCD

Nikon Coolpix S7000 HS Key Specs

Image Sensor Type1/2.3-inch
Optical Zoom Lens20X
LCD Touch Screen
HD Video
Avg Battery Life210 photos
Weight5.7 oz.
Size4.0 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches
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Design and Build

The inexpensive Nikon Coolpix S7000 includes an impressive 20X optical zoom lens.

The Nikon Coolpix S7000’s key feature is its 20X optical zoom lens, which is a strong option in a camera that measures only 1.1 inches in thickness. Most cameras with large zoom lenses require a much larger camera body.

When compared to my Nikon Coolpix L840 review, the S7000 can’t quite match the L840’s 38X optical zoom lens, but the S7000 is much thinner, allowing it to easily fit in a pocket or purse. The large bodied L840 won’t even fit in a huge pocket, as it’s shaped more like a DSLR camera.

The S7000’s other design features are relatively standard when compared to other point and shoot cameras. This Nikon camera does offer a mode dial, which makes it easier to use the camera by allowing for a quick selection of the desired shooting mode. It’s unfortunate that the buttons on the back of the S7000 aren’t larger, as they’re almost too small and too tightly set to the camera body to be used comfortably.

Nikon provided both Wi-Fi and NFC wireless connectivity with the S7000, which makes it easy to share your photos with others and with social media sites. However, because the battery lifespan of this point and shoot camera is below average, using these wireless connection options will drain the battery even more quickly. I’d recommend purchasing a second battery if you want to have the ability to use Wi-Fi regularly with the S7000.

Image Quality

Nikon kept the design of the Coolpix S7000 simple, allowing for an easy to use camera.

For the most part, image quality is good with the Coolpix S7000, as the camera produces realistic colors and sharp images. You’ll sometimes find with inexpensive point and shoot cameras that the colors look over processed, but that’s not a problem with this Nikon model.

You are limited to shooting in the JPEG image format with the Nikon S7000 — rather than shooting in the more precise RAW image format — which is common in a beginner-level camera. Another aspect of the S7000 that’s common in point and shoot cameras — special effect shooting options — are plentiful in the S7000, making this digital camera a lot of fun to use. There’s even a panoramic mode, allowing you to shoot extremely wide rectangular images.

Compared to a Nikon Coolpix S9900 review, both cameras have 16 megapixels of resolution and a similar sized image sensor at 1/2.3 inches, which results in image quality that is nearly identical for the two Nikon cameras. But the S7000 has a significantly lower price than the S9900.

Low Light Performance and Movie Mode

When using the S7000 in a low light shooting situation, you’re probably going to want to use the tiny embedded flash unit most of the time. Although this Nikon point and shoot model does allow for an ISO setting of up to 6400, using an ISO higher than 1600 will result in excessive noise and incorrect colors in your photos. Most inexpensive cameras have even worse performance levels in low light though, so the S7000 is actually a slightly above average performer in this area.

One aspect of the Nikon S7000 that I didn’t like was the placement and size of the movie recording button on the back of the camera. Nikon gave the S7000 a large thumb pad area on the back of the camera, squeezing a tiny oval shaped movie button next to it. But the movie button is set so tightly to the camera body and is so small that it’s difficult to press when you’re in a hurry, meaning you may miss the beginning of a video recording while you’re trying to press this button successfully.

Once you are able to press the movie recording button properly, you will find that the Nikon S7000 does a better than average job in terms of recording movies. You are able to record full HD movies at speeds up to 30 frames per second.

Battery Life

The Nikon S7000’s battery life is a little below average versus other basic cameras. You can expect between 150 and 200 shots per battery charge, which means you might not be able to shoot for an entire day without needing a battery charge at some point.

When considering the Nikon Coolpix S7000 vs. Canon PowerShot SX610, you’ll find that the Nikon point and shoot camera has a better burst mode performance than the SX610 from Canon. But the Canon SX610 has a 50% greater battery lifespan than the S7000 (according to manufacturer estimates).

Wrap Up

Photographers considering the Nikon Coolpix S7000 need to be aware of its strengths and limitations, ensuring that this model’s strengths will meet your needs. The best feature of the S7000 is its 20X optical zoom lens, which is great to find in an extremely thin camera. Versus other inexpensive point and shoot models, the Nikon S7000 provides above average image quality, especially when the lighting in the scene is good.

But the Nikon Coolpix S7000 manual control features are limited. You won’t be able to shoot in full manual control mode, as you can with more advanced models. Then again, those considering the S7000 probably are inexperienced photographers who will be better served with a fully automatic camera. So the large zoom lens and good image quality of the Coolpix S7000 will appeal more to these types of photographers than the lack of manual control features.

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Review

The Nikon S7000 was introduced at the same time as a range of other new Nikon cameras in early February 2015. It features a back-illuminated 20 million pixel CMOS sensor and a 20x optical zoom which gives you an equivalent angle of view of 25-500mm in 35mm terms. There’s also full HD video recording, as well as inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC support for connecting the camera to your smartphone or tablet. Other specifications include an EXPEED C2 processor, the ability to create panoramas, a range of scene modes, a three-inch 460k dot screen and the ability to charge the battery via a USB port. The Nikon Coolpix S7000 costs £199.99 / $279.99 and is available in black, white, pink or gold.

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 is impressively slim for a camera which features a 20x optical zoom and you should find it slips into your pocket very easily. There’s nothing hugely revolutionary about the design of the camera, with Nikon going pretty much for a tried and tested button layout and construction.

There’s no finger grip on the front of the camera, but where your thumb sits at the back, it is slightly indented so the camera still feels pretty secure in your hand.

On top of the Nikon Coolpix S7000, you’ll find a on/off button, the shutter release and a mode dial. This dial allows you to switch between the various exposure modes the camera offers and saves you from having to delve into menu system. Here you’ll find automatic mode, scene modes, effects mode, a video clips mode and a couple of other specific modes, such as Smart Portrait and Backlighting.

Front of the Nikon Coolpix S7000

Around the shutter release, you’ll find the zoom switch. This allows you to move the lens in and out, and feels pretty well constructed. You can reach the furthest reach of the telephoto optic pretty quickly. If you’ve got digital zoom switched on, the lens will pause ever so slightly before entering into the digital area. You can also use the zoom lever when you’re in playback to zoom into an image, or zoom out so you can quickly see all the photos on your memory card.

Flip to the back of the Nikon Coolpix S7000, and again here is a pretty standard layout. Just next to the thumb rest area is a dedicated video record button. It’s slightly indented into the body of the camera, making it difficult to accidentally press.

Just underneath this button you’ll find a playback button and a dedicated Wi-Fi button. Moving down further and you’ll find a four way navigational pad, with each of the keys dedicated to a specific function. Left controls timer mode, while up accesses flash options, down allows you to switch on or off macro focusing, while right allows you to adjust exposure compensation.

Rear of the Nikon Coolpix S7000

The final two buttons are a Menu button for accessing the main menu and a button with a trash icon, which is used to delete photos when viewing them in playback.

Unusually for a compact camera like this, you can set the autofocus point manually. When you’re shooting in Auto mode, head to the Main Menu and under AF area mode choose “Manual”. After this has been selected, pressing the OK button in the centre of the four way navigational pad shows you the currently selected AF point - simply move to the point you want to use with the directional keys. Other AF area modes include Face Priority, Center, Subject Tracking and Target Finding AF.

There’s also a couple of other useful options which you can alter when using Auto mode from within the Menu, including White Balance, ISO sensitivity and Image Mode (which changes the resolution of the captured image).

Top of the Nikon Coolpix S7000

It would be nice if there was a quick menu available to allow you to quickly change those settings, or other settings that are presented while using different shooting modes such as Effects mode, but sadly Nikon has decided not to include such a button.

When you’re in Effects mode, in order to choose between the different effects, you’ll need to enter the main Menu, which is a bit of a faff. It’s worth remembering also that as the camera doesn’t shoot in raw format, if you shoot with an Effect enabled, you’ll be stuck with that. If you like Effects, an alternative is to apply them after the image has been taken in playback. After hitting the Playback button, press the OK button and a number of different options for adding filter effects to your image. If you do this, both the original and the new, edited, photo will be saved.

On the side of the camera, underneath a small flap, you’ll find two ports - one for inserting an HDMI cable if you want to connect it to your TV to watch full HD movies, and another for the USB cable. There’s a supplied power supply unit which you can use to charge up the camera, or alternatively you can plug into a laptop or computer with a USB port - handy if you’re travelling and don’t always have access to a three pin plug socket.

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 In-hand

Connecting the Nikon Coolpix S7000 to your phone or smart device is very easy. If you have a Wi-Fi only enabled device, you can press the dedicated button on the back of the camera, where it will display the name of the network you need to connect to from your phone or tablet. Once you have connected, simply launch the Nikon Mobile Utility App and you can control the camera from the app, or view the pictures you have already taken and download them for quick sharing on social networks, or via email. If the battery is low on your smart device, the app won’t allow you to remotely control the camera. Sadly you can’t change many settings when you’re remote shooting, but you can zoom the lens in and out. The NFC chip is found on the left hand side of the camera - if you have an NFC enabled device just touch it to this point on the camera to form a connection.

Focusing speeds in good light are pretty swift, and it’s also impressive how closely you can get to the subject by switching macro focusing on. As the light drops, focusing is a little slower, and very occasionally the camera will struggle to focus at all, but generally only if the light is very poor. Otherwise, general operation speeds of the camera are reasonable, but shot to shot time is a little slow, so if you’re taking lots of shots in succession you may find it a little frustrating to use.

The LCD screen is a fairly low resolution when compared with some of the other cameras currently on the market, and it’s also not touch sensitive - which is a shame. But on the plus side, it displays a a decent view and it doesn’t suffer too badly from glare or reflections, even if you’re using it in reasonably bright conditions - good news for those who want to take the camera on holiday.

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Nikon COOLPIX S7000 - Fotopedi

40x Dynamic Fine Zoom değerine çıkarılabilen 20x optik zoom özelliği sayesinde yakındaki veya uzaktaki tüm aksiyonu yakalayan 16 megapiksel çözünürlüğe sahip ince fotoğraf makinesi COOLPIX S7000 ile çekimlerinize süper güç sağlayın.

NFC desteğiyle, fotoğraf makinenizle bir akıllı cihaza dokunarak veya özel Wi-Fi düğmesini kullanarak fotoğraflarınızı kolayca paylaşın. Full HD filmlerle harika anıları ölümsüz kılın, hazırlaması kolay Zaman aralıklı filmlerle arkadaşlarınızı etkileyin ve Kolay panorama özelliğiyle çarpıcı seyahat manzaraları çekin. Yüksek performanslı titreşim azaltma özelliği fotoğraf makinenizi sabit tutarak her defasında net çekimler ve akıcı filmler elde etmenizi sağlar.

Şık COOLPIX S7000 ile hayatı yaşarken yakalarsınız!

Nikon COOLPIX S7000 Temel Özellikler

Dahili Wi-Fi ve NFC desteği

Wi-Fi¹ düğmesine tek bir kez basarak ya da NFC² özelliğini kullanarak fotoğraf makinenizle bir akıllı cihaza dokunarak yüksek kaliteli görüntülerinizi kolayca paylaşabilirsiniz. Böylece, sosyal kalmak kolaydır.

NIKKOR 20x optik zoom’lu objektif

40x Dynamic Fine Zoom³ değerine çıkarılabilen ve 25-500 mm aralığında geniş açılı kapsama sahip 20x optik zoom ile harika yüz ifadelerini ve uzaktaki aksiyonu her zaman yakalarsınız.

Arkadan aydınlatmalı 16 MP CMOS görüntü sensörü

Yüksek hassasiyetli görüntü sensörünün megapiksel sayısı maksimuma çıkarılarak düşük ışık koşullarında çekim yaparken bile düşük kumlanma oranına ve güzel ayrıntılara sahip çekimlerle yüksek performans elde etmeniz kolaylaştırılmıştır.

Kolay panorama 360°/180°

Seyahatlerinizde güzel manzaraya hak ettiği değeri vermek için fotoğraf makinenizi dikey olarak eğerek veya yatay olarak pan yaparak çarpıcı bir panoramayı kolayca oluşturun.

Yüksek performanslı VR (titreşim azaltma)

Tam zoom modunda bile makine sarsıntısını telafi eden 4 eksenli Karma VR özelliğiyle fotoğraf çekerken veya film kaydederken, minimum bulanıklıkta ve net filmler elde edin.

Full HD filmler

Tek dokunuşla film kaydetmenizi sağlayan film kayıt düğmesi ile tüm eğlenceyi anında Full HD (1080/60p) kalitesinde yakalamaya hazır olun. Ayrıca istemediğiniz kayıtları silmek için İzleme sırasında düzenleme yapabilirsiniz.

Zaman aralıklı film: Etkileyici görünen Zaman aralıklı filmler, bu özellik sayesinde basitçe hazırlanabilir. Bir çekim sahnesi seçmenizle birlikte aralıklı zamanlama ile yakalanan durağan görüntülerden otomatik olarak 10 saniyelik zaman geçişli bir film oluşturulur.

İnce ve hafif: Günlük hayatınızda kolayca taşıyabileceğiniz bu hafif, ince gövdeli ve çok güçlü fotoğraf makinesi sayesinde boyut için performanstan vazgeçmeye gerek yok!

7,5 cm (3,0 inç) 460 k-noktalı TFT LCD ekran: Yansıma önleyici kaplama ve parlaklık ayarı özelliklerine sahip Net Renkli ekranla doğrudan güneş ışığında bile çekiminizi kolayca çerçeveleyebilir ya da izleyebilirsiniz.

Yüksek hızlı AF: Konunuzun konumunu anında belirleyerek netleme yapan Yüksek hızlı AF özelliğiyle, tam zoom modunda veya düşük ışıkta çekim yaparken bile en önemli anı her zaman yakalarsınız.

Kısa film gösterisi: Bu kullanımı kolay özellikle, arkadaşlarınız ve ailenizle paylaşmak üzere mini filmler hazırlayın. Kısa film gösterisi, sabit bir uzunlukta kaydedilmiş birçok film dosyasını otomatik olarak birleştirerek 30 saniyelik bir film oluşturur.

Akıllı portre modu: Göz kırpma kontrolü, Gülümseme zamanlayıcı, Ten yumuşatma ve Parlaklığı azalt gibi çekim sırasında uygulayabileceğiniz birçok uyarı ve efekt sayesinde her defasında mükemmel portreler elde edin.

Otomatik sahne seçimi: Fotoğraf makinenizin ayarları halletmesine izin verin ve siz çekiminize odaklanın. Fotoğraf makineniz konunuzu ve bulunduğunuz sahneyi değerlendirerek, çekim koşullarınıza en uygun ayarları optimize eder.

Büyüleyici rötuş: İzleme sırasında fotoğraflarınıza rötuş yapabildiğinizde, herkes en iyi şekilde görünür. Fondöten makyaj, Gözleri beyazlat ve Ruj gibi efektler bulunan 12 seçenek arasından seçim yapabilirsiniz.

Yüksek hızlı USB şarj etme: Mikro USB bağlantısı, hem fotoğraf makinenizin daha hızlı şarj olmasını sağlar hem de fotoğraf makineniz şarj olurken çekim yapmaya devam etmenize olanak tanır.

EXPEED C2: Nikon’un hızlı ve güçlü görüntü işleme sistemi sayesinde her zaman yüksek hızlı kullanım, yüksek duyarlılığa sahip performans ve olağanüstü görüntü kalitesi elde edersiniz.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE: Tüm Nikon kullanıcıları için ücretsiz olan özel Nikon görüntü depolama ve paylaşım sitemiz NIKON IMAGE SPACE ile 20 GB’a kadar ücretsiz çevrimiçi bulut depolama alanının keyfini çıkarın! Daha fazla bilgi için adresini ziyaret edin.

Akıllı cihazınıza Nikon ‘Wireless Mobile Utility’ uygulamasının (iOS ve Android™ ile uyumludur) yüklenmesini gerektirir. ²Yakın Alan İletişimi (NFC), uyumlu Android™ (Android 4.0 veya üzeri) işletim sistemine sahip akıllı telefon ve tabletlerle çalışır. Kullanımdan önce Nikon ‘Wireless Mobile Utility’ uygulamasının yüklenmesini ve görüntü aktarımı ayarının yapılmasını gerektirir.

³Dynamic Fine Zoom, en yüksek görüntü çözünürlüğünü kaybetmeden en uzun optik telefoto menzilinin 2 katına kadar yakınlaştırma yapar.

Nikon COOLPIX S7000 Teknik Özellikler

Tür Kompakt dijital fotoğraf makinesi
Etkin piksel sayısı 16,0 milyon (Görüntü işleme, etkin piksel sayısını azaltabilir)
Görüntü sensörü 1/2,3 inç tipi CMOS, Toplam piksel sayısı: Yaklaşık 16,76 milyon
Objektif NIKKOR 20x optik zoom’lu objektif
Odak uzaklığı 4,5-90,0 mm (35mm [135] formatındaki 25–500 mm objektifle eşdeğer görüş açısı)
f/-sayısı f/3,4-6,5
Objektif yapısı 10 grupta 12 eleman (1 ED objektif elemanı)
Büyütme 4x’e kadar (35mm [135] formatındaki yaklaşık 2000 mm objektifle eşdeğer görüş açısı)
Titreşim Azaltma Objektif kaydırma özellikli VR (durağan görüntüler), Objektif kaydırma ve elektronik VR (filmler)
Otomatik netleme Kontrast ölçümlü AF
Odak aralığı [W]: Yaklaşık 30 cm (1 ft) ile sonsuz arası, [T]: Yaklaşık 2 m (6 ft 7 inç) ile sonsuz arası. Makro modu: Yaklaşık 1 cm (0,4 inç) (geniş açılı zoom konumunda) ile sonsuz arası. (Yapılan tüm ölçümler objektifin ön yüzeyinin merkezinden hesaplanmıştır)
AF alan modu Yüz önceliği, 99 netleme alanıyla manuel, merkez, konuyu izleme, hedef bulan AF
Ekran 7,5 cm (3 inç) diyagonal. Yaklaşık 460 k-noktalı, yansıma önleyici kaplamalı TFT LCD ve 5 kademeli parlaklık ayarı.
Çerçeve alanı Yaklaşık %99 yatay ve dikey (resmin kendisiyle kıyaslandığında)
Çerçeve alanı (izleme modu) Yaklaşık %99 yatay ve dikey (resmin kendisiyle kıyaslandığında)
Depolama – Medya SD, SDHC, SDXC, Dahili bellek (yaklaşık 20 MB)
Dosya sistemi DCF ve Exif 2.3 ile uyumludur
Depolama – Dosya biçimi Durağan görüntüler: JPEG. Filmler: MOV (Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Ses: LPCM stereo)
Resim boyutu (piksel) 16 M (Yüksek) [4608 x 3456 (İyi)]. 16 M [4608 x 3456]. 8 M [3264 x 2448]. 4 M [2272 x 1704]. 2 M [1600 x 1200]. VGA [640 x 480]. 16:9 [4608 x 2592]. 1:1 [3456 x 3456]
ISO duyarlılığı ISO 125-1600. ISO 3200, 6400 (Otomatik modda kullanılabilir)
Pozlama ölçümü Matris, merkez ağırlıklı (2x’ten az dijital zoom), nokta (2x veya üzeri dijital zoom)
Pozlama kontrolü Programlanmış otomatik pozlama ve pozlama telafisi (1/3 EV’lik adımlarla -2,0 – +2,0 EV)
Deklanşör tipi Mekanik ve CMOS elektronik deklanşör
Enstantene hızı 1/1500-1 saniye, 1/4000 saniye (yüksek hızlı sürekli çekim sırasındaki maksimum hız) 4 saniye (Havai fişek gösterisi sahne modu)
Otomatik zamanlama 10 saniye veya 2 saniye seçilebilir
Diyafram Elektronik olarak kontrol edilen ND filtresi (-2 AV) seçimi
Diyafram aralığı 2 adım (f/3,4 ve f/6,8 [W])
Dahili Flaş Var
Flaş aralığı (yaklaşık) [W]: 0,5-2,8 m (1 ft 8 inç-9 ft 2 inç) [T]: 2,0 m (6 ft 6 inç)
Flaş kontrolü Kılavuz ışıklı TTL otomatik flaş
USB Mikro-USB konnektörü, Yüksek Hızlı USB, (Mikro-USB konnektörü için UC-E21’den başka bir USB kablosu kullanmayın.) Direct Print (PictBridge) özelliğini destekler
HDMI çıkışı HDMI mikro konektörü (D Tipi)
Ses girişi Stereo mini-pin soket (3,5 mm çap; elektrik fişi desteği)
Ses çıkışı Stereo mini pin soket (3,5 mm çap)
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) standartları IEEE 802.11b/g/n (standart kablosuz LAN protokolü)
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) çalışma frekansı 2412-2462 MHz (1-11 kanalları arası)
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) aralığı (görüş hattı) Yaklaşık 10 m (10 yd)
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) veri aralıkları (gerçek ölçülen değerler) IEEE 802.11b: 5 Mbps. IEEE 802.11g: 15 Mbps. IEEE 802.11n: 15 Mbps
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) güvenliği OPEN/WPA2
Wi-Fi (Kablosuz LAN) erişim protokolleri Altyapı
Desteklenen diller Arapça, Bengalce, Bulgarca, Çince (Basitleştirilmiş ve Geleneksel), Çekçe, Danca, Felemenkçe, İngilizce, Fince, Fransızca, Almanca, Yunanca, Hintçe, Macarca, Endonezya dili, İtalyanca, Japonca, Korece, Marathi dili, Norveççe, Farsça, Lehçe, Portekizce (Avrupa ve Brezilya), Rumence, Rusça, Sırpça, İspanyolca, İsveççe, Tamilce, Telugu dili, Tayca, Türkçe, Ukrayna dili, Vietnamca
Power source Bir Şarj Edilebilir Li-ion Pil EN-EL19 (dahil), AC Adaptörü EH-62G (ayrı olarak sunulur)
Şarj süresi Yaklaşık 1 saat 50 dakika (AC Şarj Adaptörü EH-71P ile ve hiç şarj kalmamışken şarj edildiğinde)
Pil ömrü1 Yaklaşık 210 çekim (EN-EL19 ile)
Film kaydı için gerçek pil ömrü2 Yaklaşık 40 dakika (EN-EL19 ile)
Tripod yuvası 1/4 inç (ISO 1222)
Boyutlar ( GxYxD) Yaklaşık 99,5 x 60,0 x 27,4 mm (4,0 x 2,4 x 1,1 inç), (çıkıntılar hariç)
Ağırlık Yaklaşık 161 g (5,7 ons) (pil ve hafıza kartı dahil)
Çalışma ortamı – Sıcaklık 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F)
Çalışma ortamı – Nem %85 veya altı (yoğunlaşmasız)
Verilen aksesuarlar3 EN-EL19 Şarj Edilebilir Li-ion Pil, EH-71P AC Şarj Adaptörü, UC-E21 USB Kablosu, Makine Askısı

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