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OnePlus 5 Oxygen OS 4.5.5 OTA update rolling out [Downloads]

Ever since the launch of OnePlus 5, the device has received several bug fixes, stability, system optimization OTA updates. Today, Oxygen OS 4.5.5 is being rolled out for the global variants. It packs optimizations to WiFi connectivity, improvements during voice calling, etc. The camera video recording now uses less battery. Moreover, the vibration intensity has been decreased while receiving calls. Several apps were unable to work under IPV6 settings. This has been fixed now. You can see the complete update log from below.

As you can see this is not a huge upgrade to new Android OS version. But instead, just a minor fixes here and there. The update is a small patch and still based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and not the 7.1.2 Nougat. This is because the OnePlus 5 will receive an Android O upgrade later this year along with the previous flagship duo.

Download Oxygen OS 4.5.5 for OnePlus 5 OTA and full firmware package

The OTA update comes in a small package which weighs ~60 MB. The full firmware package will be updated soon.

Oxygen OS 4.5.5 OTA zip | Download | OOS 4.5.4 to 4.5.5

Oxygen OS 4.5.5 Full firmware zip | Download | now available

Update: The OOS 4.5.5 full firmware package is now available for download. Meanwhile, you can check out the official OnePlus downloads repository.

How to update OnePlus 5 to Oxygen OS 4.5.5 firmware update?

Ever since the device’s launch, the device has received several OTA updates including the Oxygen OS 4.5.0 out of the box. The first update was Oxygen OS 4.5.1, then OOS 4.5.2, and then OOS 4.5.3. The most recent update for OnePlus 5 is Oxygen OS 4.5.4. So make sure your phone is on the latest OTA update before following the steps below. You can install OOS 4.5.4 using local upgrade method with a full firmware package. For that, see any of the previous update tutorial or see the h3OS 3.5 firmware guide.

In order to install the update, either grab the OTA from above and flash it via stock recovery, or see the following safe method.

  • Download VPN app like Opera VPN.
  • Launch VPN app and change location to Canada or Germany. If you are in the United States, no need to use VPN.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to System updates.
  • Tap on Check OTA updates.
  • Download and install the OTA available.

That’s it. For queries, comment down below.


How To Unroot OnePlus 5 and Go back to Stock Oxygen OS?

If you have bought the sensational OnePlus 5 and have rooted it, but for some reasons trying to unroot your new OnePlus 5 Android smartphone, the following are the complete steps you need to follow rigorously. The first thing you need to do is to remove Superuser (SuperSu) from your brand new OnePlus 5. Do not worry because unlike other smartphone manufacturers, the OnePlus warranty does not get lapsed after unrooting.

Now the question arises why one should unroot OnePlus 5 and get latest Stock Oxygen OS firmware. Unless these are done, one cannot get the latest OTA(Over-the-air) updates when they are available, and neither can one install the updates. Those who do not want any update in future should not go for this option as there is a notion that security can get compromised in an unrooted device.


Follow the below Guide Exactly, or else it may lead to brick your device. TheDroidGuru.com is not responsible for any damage.

Mandatory Pre-Steps

The process of unrooting OnePlus 5 and installing the Stock Oxygen OS will wipe your phone data completely. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned steps first.

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How To Unroot OnePlus 5?

Open the pre-installed SuperSu app from the app menu. Navigate to Settings and uncheck the checkbox ‘Enable Supers’. Give your new OnePlus 5 a reboot. Once your phone reboots, the unrooting is done.

Now You have to flash the Stock Firmware to completely remove root and return your OnePlus 5 to 100% back to stock OygenOs.

How To Flash Stock Oxygen OS ROM On OnePlus 5 and Return to Stock?

We have already done a detailed guide to flash the OxygenOs 4.5 and above on OnePlus 5.We will link to that guide below

How To Flash The Stock OxygenOS On OnePlus 5 and Return To Stock

If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section below 🙂


Download Oxygen OS 5.1.5 for OnePlus 5 and 5T with Treble Support – Android 8.1 Oreo August 2018 Update

Update: OnePlus 5 and 5T Oxygen OS 5.1.5 is now available with August 2018 Android Security Patch. The update also features Treble Support. Although the manufacturer did not advertise it, OnePlus 5 users have reported that it brings full treble support. this means, you can readily flash the Android 9 Pie GSI or any Generic System Image and update OnePlus 5 or 5T to latest Android version. So download and install Oxygen OS 5.1.5 for OnePlus 5 and 5T based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

OnePlus released official Android 8.1 Oreo update for the OnePlus 5 and 5T with a new firmware build OxygenOS 5.1.4. Moreover, the Open Beta channel for the two devices already features Project Treble support. This is now for the stable Oxygen OS channel. Only a handful of devices support Project Treble officially such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, Essential Phones, Razer Phone, Sony Xperia, Huawei, etc.

In order to get the OTA update, is simply go to settings, system updates, and check for OTA updates. If you get the latest Android 8.1 Oreo update notification, download and install it. The OTA zip weighs about 766 MB in size. But this only applies for the devices running on stable Oxygen OS 5. For devices on Open Beta, we have listed the signed full firmware zips for the two devices below. So it is easy for you to manually upgrade your phones.

Changelog: OxygenOS 5.1.5 for OnePlus 5/5T

Apart from the latest Oreo firmware, the update also comes with August 2018 Android Security Patch. It features Project Treble Support.

How to check if your Android device supports Project Treble?

Download the Treble Checker app and launch it.

You will also see a new Gaming Mode support and optimizations. The OnePlus Launcher has two new features that adds category tags in the search section of the app drawer and auto naming of folders based on categories. Moreover, the devices will also receive the latest Android P 9.0 update in the upcoming months. So stay tuned for the Open Beta updates.


  • Updated Android security patch to August 2018
  • Confirm PIN without tapping √ to unlock the phone (Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Screen lock -> PIN)
  • Added sleep standby optimization (Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimization -> Advanced optimization -> Sleep standby optimization)




Changelog: OxygenOS 5.1.4 for OnePlus 5/5T:


  • Updated bootloader for system security enhancement
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated to July 2018 Android security patch (2018/5)
  • Fixed auto-rotation stability issue


  •  Fixed stability issue with the Bluetooth connection for cars


  • Places: a map view of photos by location
  • Added “Recently Deleted” collection

Wireless & Network

  • Fixed Wi-Fi connecting issue


  • Double-tap to lock screen


  • Fixed microphone not functioning issue for AKG earphones

Changelog: OxygenOS 5.1.2 for OnePlus 5/5T

Hot Fix:

  • Fixed ringtone issue for phone and notifications


  • Updated system to Android™ 8.1 Oreo™
  • Updated Android security patch to 2018-04
  • Added full-screen gesture support (Only 5T)

Gaming mode

  • Added new optimizations in gaming mode including power saving and pausing adaptive brightness
  • Added network boost – network priority for gaming App in the foreground


  • Added category tags in the search section of the app drawer
  • Auto name folders based on category

Currently, both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T have received the full stock firmware update zip.

Download Oxygen OS 5.1.5 for OnePlus 5:

  • Oxygen OS 5.1.5 | Download Official | AFH Mirror
  • Oxygen OS 5.1.4 | Download

You may also need:

Previous Oxygen OS 5.1.3 for OnePlus 5:

Download Oxygen OS 5.1.5 for OnePlus 5T

You may also need:

  • TWRP Codeworkx TWRP | Blu_Spark TWRP
  • Root Magisk (see above)
  • Stock Recovery

Previous Oxygen OS 5.1.3 for OnePlus 5T:

How to update OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T to Oxygen OS 5.1.5?

There are multiple ways to update OnePlus devices to the latest firmware update.

Method 1: How to capture OTA update zip?

Download OTA and install using stock recovery or ADB sideload method. If your device is on Open Beta update, then see the second Local upgrade method below.

  • Make sure your OnePlus 5/5T is on the latest previous OxygenOS update.
  • Download and install a VPN app like Opera VPN.
  • Launch the VPN app and change the device location to Canada or Germany.
  • Now go to Settings > System updates > check for OTA update.
  • Download the OTA update listed
  • Approve for installation.

The above files are full firmware updates. See how to install full Oxygen OS firmware packages using Local Upgrade method.

Method 2: How to update OnePlus using Local upgrade method via full stock firmware zip?

  • First, download the full stock firmware zip from above for the OxygenOS 5.1.
  • Transfer the files to the root of phone storage. Meaning, outside every folder.
  • Now go to Settings> System update> Tap on the top right settings icon > Choose local Upgrade.
  • The Local Upgrade option will search for an OxygenOS package.

  • Once you see an upgrade package, tap over it and then hit the install option.

Method 3: Update for rooted users on TWRP

This method requires the latest TWRP recovery. Make sure you have the modded recovery listed above setup on your device.

  • Download and transfer the OxygenOS 5.1 firmware from above to device storage.
  • Reboot into TWRP recovery.
  • Take a full backup.
  • Tap on in install and flash the OOS zip.
  • Flash Magisk for root.
  • Wipe cache.
  • Reboot to system.



Download Oxygen OS 9.0.1 for OnePlus 5 and 5T based on Android 9 Pie with critical bug fixes

We have already received official stable Oxygen OS 9.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie for the OnePlus 5 and 5T. However, some users who upgraded to this firmware were not really impressed due to the update being bug ridden. So the manufacturer is now pushing a critical bug fix update for users already on the stable channel. Oxygen OS 9.0.1 features stability for WiFi connection, fixed a very important issue where 4G VoLTE toggle would be missing from settings.

The update also fixes the eRGB display mode, optimized Reading mode, and fixes random reboots while screen casting. The previous OOS 9.0 update also brought a bunch of big fixes, improvements to wireless connectivity options, brand new OnePlus navigation gestures, updates apps including camera and OnePlus Launcher.

We have already seen all the Android 9.0 Pie goodies for OnePlus 5(T) including Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness, Slice, Actions, Advanced AutoFill, DNS Over TLS, latest December 2018 Security Patch, etc. You can also install the official Hydrogen OS 9.0 and latest Open Beta 23 or 21 based on Android 9 Pie for the OnePlus 5 and 5T.



  • Improved stability for Wi-Fi connection
  • Optimized sRGB display mode
  • Optimized Reading mode
  • Fixed issue with 4G VoLTE toggle missing
  • Fixed random reboots when Screen Casting
  • System
    • Updated system to Android™ 9 Pie™
    • Brand new UI for Android Pie
    • Brand new navigation gestures (Available for OnePlus 5T only)
    • Updated Android security patch to 2018.12
    • Other new features and system improvements
  • New Gaming mode 3.0
    • Added text notification mode
    • Added notification for 3rd party calls
  • Do Not Disturb mode
    • New Do Not Disturb (DND) mode with adjustable settings
  • Camera
    • Integrated Google Lens mode

Download Oxygen OS 9.0.1 for OnePlus 5/5T

The official Oxygen OS 9.0.1 is now rolling out across the globe in waves. The first two countries to receive it are Germany and Canada. So if you are on a previous stable Oxygen OS 9.0 build, you can use a VPN app, change device location to Germany or Canada and download the OTA update right away.

Moreover, we already have the full stock firmware available for OnePlus 5 in the download section below. So you can just grab the zip and perform a local upgrade. You can upgrade your device to Oxygen OS 9.0.0 using Local Upgrade method or flash it directly using TWRP if your Android is rooted. First, check if it has a compatibility zip. If it does remove it, create the zip and then flash it using TWRP recovery. If you need TWRP recovery, get it from the Oxygen OS 5.1.7 post.


Read: How to Update OnePlus 5/5T to Android 9.0 Pie based on Oxygen OS 9.0.1?

You can now install the following later:



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