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The best power banks of 2019: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

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Whether you want a pocket-size battery to top off your devices or a large power bank to juice up your laptop, power banks are very useful additions to your day-to-day kit. 

All of the power banks below can charge a plethora of devices, but we all know their primary function: to be ready when your smartphone battery dies at the end of the day. It's a lifesaver for your 21st-century routine.

As portable chargers have become commonplace, of course, they run into the opposite problem: there are a lot to choose from. We base our recommendations on a balance of battery capacity, safety and a svelte size with ample power reserves.

We've got a list of the best portable chargers that include compact, high-capacity, and even laptop-compatible power banks. Never fall to 0% battery life again.

Best power banks for capacity

iMuto 20,000mAh power bank

Large capacity

Affordable price

Chunky design

Very heavy

If you're looking for a high capacity charger that's portable, the iMuto 20,000mAh portable charger may be for you. It offers a 20,000mAh capacity that will be able to charge your average smartphone over four times and still have some charge left.

It can also charge some MacBooks and laptops too, but you may want to make sure it will be compatible with your computing option before you buy it. Considering the price though, we really like the iMuto... plus you've got the color choice of white or black.

RAVPower 22,000mAh power bank

Three ports

Surprisingly portable


Another high capacity portable charger here for you and this time it's from RAVPower with a 22,000mAh option. The design is similar to the Anker and Aukey made options below, and it's a touch slimmer than the iMuto.

You have three ports here so you can charge multiple gadgets at the same time and it'll have enough capacity to be able to charge both a mobile and an iPad or tablet from 0% too.

Aukey power bank 20,000mAh

Large battery capacity

Two USB ports

Blocky design

No quick charging

This power bank features two ports so you can charge both your phone and your tablet at the same time and also has a light to show you how much battery charge is leftover.

The blocky design may not be for everyone, but this portable charger should be able to charge your phone and other gadgets a few times over with such a high capacity cell inside.

Anker PowerCore 20,100 power bank

HUGE battery size

High speed charging


Doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge

You've likely heard of Anker, and this is one of the company's best portable chargers. It comes with a huge 20,100mAh battery inside, meaning this will be able to charge up your phone or tablet multiple times before it needs a recharge.

It also comes with high-speed charging for your devices if they use PowerIQ or VoltageBoost. It won't be able to use Qualcomm's QuickCharge technology, but it'll still boost your device when you're on the go.

Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

Integrated Lightning cable

Great fabric design

Ideal mostly for the iPhone and iPad

Not the cheapest

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL is one of the best power banks designed for the iPhone and iPad (aside from the new iPad Pro 2018 range with its USB-C port), and we say that for several reasons. 

It contains an embedded Lightning cable you can’t lose, it charges via a Lightning cable and you can charge it wirelessly with any Qi charger, so you may already have everything you need.

This 10,000mAh power bank has a soft fabric finish and can charge two devices at once, one via the 10W USB-A port and another with the integrated Lightning charger. You won't find as much use from this portable charger if you're on Android, though it's still possible to use that USB-A port so you can help a friend charge.

Best slim power banks

Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank Pro

Portable, metal-clad design

Works for micro USB and USB-C devices

A bit thick

Xiaomi has a hand in some unexpected sectors of technology, including audio and portable chargers. But don't sleep on either, as it's onto something worth checking out. 

During our testing, its 10,000mAh Power Bank provided good results, both in terms of its portability and charging potential. While not the fastest charger out there, it was able to charge our Google Pixel 2 in a little over two hours. Thankfully, it's discreet enough that you can bring it with you just about everywhere to plug in when necessary.

It's not rare for a power bank to come with a charging cable, but we appreciate that this one has been built with care to suit both micro USB and USB-C users with the same cable, as seen in the above gallery.

Veho Pebble P1 Pro

Two USB ports

Charge via microUSB and USB-C

Not a design for everyone

With 10,400mAh inside, two USB outputs and fast charging technology the Pebble P1 Pro may be one of the best all-round power banks you can buy right now. This doesn't have anything to do with the defunct watch brand, but instead it's called the Pebble for its curved edges design.

This should be able to recharge most phones at least two and a half times from a single charge, plus this power bank can be charged up by either microUSB or USB-C so you won't need to have a specific cable with you to pump it up again when it's out of juice.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh

High capacity

Quick recharge

Still quite heavy

Poweradd also offers a great slim portable charger, and it's one of the cheapest options on this list yet boasts a substantial 10,000mAh cell inside.

It may be quite heavy, but this is only 1.3cm thick, making it a great device to slip into your back pocket when you're out and about. You'll want to grab a cable to go with it though as unlike the Iceworks choice above it doesn't come with one built in.

Anker PowerCore II 10,000mAh power bank

Super slim design

Very portable

No cables in the box

We love this little guy. The Anker PowerCore II 10,000 power bank is perhaps the most portable option on this list and allows you to have at least two full charges for your phone in your back pocket ready to go.

At only 209g and 1.5cm thick, you'll be able to take this around with you and not feel weighed down while still having 10,000mAh of extra power for any of your devices. Plus it comes with Anker's own fast-charging tech that should mean you won't be plugged into it for too long.

Like a lot of the chargers on this list, it doesn't come with a cable attached so you'll need to take your own out and about with you.

RAVPower 6,700mAh portable charger

Bright color options

Compact design

Could be smaller

This is the cheapest option for a portable charger we have on the list, but this option from RAVPower should suit you for recharging your mobile phone while on the go.

It has a capacity of 6,700mAh, which should recharge your average smartphone at least once and maybe even twice. There are three color options here with the choices of either pink, bright blue or silver. 

The LEDs on the side of the device also show you how much charge is left and there's fast-charging tech built-in too.

Jackery Bolt 6,000

Included cables are handy

Less flashy

A bit big for a pocket charger

Don't you hate it when you have to pull a charging cord out alongside your pocket battery? The Jackery Bolt has both Lightning and MicroUSB cables built-in, so you won't have to juggle cords.

Unfortunately, that means the latest Android phones that recharge via USB-C won't get any use out of the Bolt. But it has a decent 6,000mAh of battery, which is good for between one and two full smartphone recharges depending on your device. 

Best power banks with lots of ports

MAXOAK 50,000mAh

Six ports

Huge battery

Large design

This may not be the most portable charger on our list, but it features a lot of ports, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. It'll even charge laptops as well as your phone and tablet.

You can charge six devices at once, and with a 50,000mAh capacity it has the juice to do that, so if you're usually surrounded by a lot of tech this is possibly one of the best chargers to buy.

Image Credit: Qi-infinity

Qi-infinity Upgraded 35,000mAh Powerbank

Four ports

35,000mAh size

Large design

Doesn't work with all laptops

Looking for a another option with lots of ports on it? This may be a good choice for you, as there are four ports and you can charge up your MacBook as well as USB devices such as your phone.

There's a quick charge port too, which will fast charge compatible devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Best power banks for both laptops and phones

RAVPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger

AC output

20,100mAh capacity

Big design

RAVPower's portable charger is a great choice if you need a device that can charge both your laptop and your phone. It features USB-C and normal USB outputs as well as an AC output, so you can plug your laptop charger directly in.

There's also a 20,100mAh capacity battery inside, so this will be able to juice up your phone or tablet multiple times before you need to put it back on charge.

Poweradd Pilot Pro2

23,000mAh capacity

Easy to see display

Not particularly portable

The picture above may be deceptive, as this isn't a small charger and is capable of charging up your laptop or tablet as well as your phone simultaneously.

You can charge up to three devices at the same time and it comes with a 23,000mAh capacity, so it should last long enough between recharges.

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Best Power Banks in India 2016 - Reviews And Ratings

Gone are the days when our Nokia 3315 or Nokia 1100 needed not much amount of charging. We used to plug it in to charge once in a week, and it would give long battery life. Now, everything going portable – what with laptops, mobiles, tablets and many more – even our chargers have gone portable. The portable chargers, which are known by the name of Power Banks, have been a rage these days. With our smartphones and other devices becoming our constant partners, and a complete dependence on them for all our needs including but not limited to communication, entertainment, business and what not – we need them to last at least a day. And that’s where the power banks have become a necessity. Power banks are portable energy source that can be easily carried in a pocket or backpack and provides smart phone and tablet users additional power when their devices are running low.

Unfortunately, most of us do not know what is a power bank and how it works. Even the manufacturers or sellers do not feel the need to educate the buyers on this necessary information. There are some points to be taken care of while choosing a good power bank depending on your device. Pondering over these aspects, I felt the need to compile details of such precautions and technicalities and the result is this article.

What Are Power Banks

Power banks store energy in an internal Lithium Ion battery and can charge the mobile and tablets. They are nothing but a special battery encased in special casing along with required circuitry to control the flow of power. That’s how I can explain them in a non technical manner. They store the energy in them just like you deposit money in the bank and have a means to charge a device like you withdraw money! That is the perfect analogy. Now that the battery capacity of the devices we are using these days has gone too low what we have been expecting it to with a myriad of tasks being performed, there is a need for an auxiliary power supply and that’s where these power banks come into action.

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Power Bank Expert

Welcome to Power Bank Expert! Power banks, portable chargers and external batteries are relatively speaking, a newer technology. Years ago, one would have to rely on only the batteries inside their devices to get them through the day.

Power Bank Expert is a blog that aims to help inform, define and discuss the latest technologies and products in the world of portable power!

Maintaining battery life is fast becoming an important facet of our every day tech-laden lives. Fear not! There is more than one way to keep your battery topped up. Check out our handy tips on how to keep your phone or tablet juiced to the max.

Check out our blog for more handy tips and tricks about external batteries, but also about other tech subjects!

If you’ve just purchased a power bank and want to compare it to the battery size of your phone or tablet, head over to our very own Power Bank Phone mAh Calculator. We built this from scratch to help those out there who are a bit confused by all the numbers.

We also review a ton of power banks from the top manufacturers.

For more information on what a power bank is and does, please read below.

A power bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic gadgets when you’re on the move. Ranging in size from slim, pocket-sized devices up to larger, higher-capacity power banks – they can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, GoPros, portable speakers, cameras and even laptops.

As technology keeps on improving, we are increasingly finding that running out of battery can be a big problem. Smartphones now come with large, energy-sapping screens, popular apps like Pokemon Go, Tinder and Google Maps all place large drains on our batteries.

That’s where purchasing a portable charger can really be a life-saver! If you’re traveling or out and about and you won’t have a chance to recharge your device, simply plug in your power bank and charge it right back up again.

Power Bank Tools

To check out a range of power banks in one hit and compare things like price, USB ports and capacity, head over to our Power Bank Comparison Table

If you’re not sure what size power bank you may need, check out our very own Power Bank Phone mAh Calculator. Simply find your phone, choose a power bank capacity and it will tell you roughly how many charges you will get out of your portable charger!

How to charge a power bank

Most power banks and portable chargers come with a USB input port which you can use to connect to a wall socket, or a USB port on your computer to charge their batteries. Some also come with a supplied adaptor to be able to plug into a wall socket. There are some products which use a micro, or mini-USB socket to charge their batteries.

There are even solar-powered power banks such as the Anker 21W 2 port USB charger which are ideal if you’re going on a camping, hiking or fishing trip.

How to use a power bank

Once you have fully charged your power bank or portable charger you can take it with you when are out and about. When your battery is running low simply plug your device into the power bank and recharge your batteries – it really is that simple!

What are the different types of power banks?

  • Solar chargers
  • Phone case chargers
  • Laptop chargers
  • Phones/tablet chargers

Power banks come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different budgets and power needs. There are portable chargers for just about every device. Most people use power banks for their cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

New external chargers are coming out every day with new technologies. Some portable chargers work by harnessing solar energy from the sun while others double as a case that also charges your phone.

How long does it take to charge a power bank?

This is largely dictated by the size of your power bank’s batteries. The larger the capacity of the power bank you decide to purchase, the longer it may take to charge. For instance, a smaller portable charger with a capacity of 1500mAh will charge in about the same time as a typical smartphone. A larger device suitable for laptops may take up to 4 times as long. Charging via a wall socket is also generally quicker than connecting your power bank to the USB port of your computer.

What is the mAh rating of the devices I want to recharge?

The mHa rating of your device is important when deciding what kind of portable charger to buy. All of our power bank reviews come with a handy table to help indicate how many times you will be able to recharge the most popular devices. Check out this chart below to see the mHa rating of your device!

This comes down to the capacity of your device, and the power bank/portable charger. A power bank is measured by its capacity, which is rated in mAh (milli Ampere hour.) Generally, the higher the mAh rating of your power bank or portable charger, the more power it will have to recharge your devices. A good rule of thumb is to look at the mAh rating of the devices you want to charge, and purchase a power bank that has an equal rating (preferably higher).

For example, the iPhone 6 has a 1810 mAh rated battery. An Anker Astro E1 has an mAh capacity of 5200. This would safely charge your phone back to 100% battery. However it is not an exact science, there are factors to consider such as the power bank’s efficiency rating and the condition of the battery in the device you are charging.

The following set of figures can be used as a rough guide to what kind of recharging capacity a power bank may give you.

Device Charge Times
Power Bank Rating Mobile Phone Tablet
2000mAh Approx. 1 full charge Approx. 25%
5200mAh Approx. 2 full charges Approx. 50%
10000mAh 4 full charges At least 100% full charge

Is a Power Bank and a Portable Charger the same thing?

They are one and the same. Portable phone charger, external battery, it doesn’t matter! If it’s a battery that you can use to power a device with its own battery without using a wall socket, it’s a power bank.

What type of batteries do power banks use?

Power banks generally come with Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

When it comes to batteries, not all are created equally.

Lithium-Ion batteries have a higher energy density and are cheaper to manufacture, but can have issues with aging.

Lithium-Polymer does not suffer from aging to the same extent so are a better choice. However, due to their higher manufacturing costs, they may not suit all budgets.

And that’s about it for now!

That about sums it up if you’re looking for external battery basics. If you’d like us to add anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help so don’t be shy!

Top 10 Best Power Banks in 2018 Reviews

Not all of time, there is a power outlet available where you can charge your smartphone and tablet. In these cases, you surely need a power bank to keep your smartphone  running. However, not all power banks available in the market today are safe and reliable. You must know how to select the best power bank packed with interesting and helpful features and also safe to use. These top 10 best power banks in2018 reviews will provide you such understanding on how to correctly choose the best power bank for your devices.

Power Banks Buying Guide

The field of electronics is among the best-known fields in terms of technological advancement. Smartphone, iPhones, tablets, and more have witnessed lots of sophistications in designs, sizes, appearances and much more. However, battery life is one of the features that have never been easy to improve. This has made acquisition of power bank a necessity for all owners of Smartphone and tablets. However, due to the existence of fake and counterfeit power banks, you need to be sure and aware of the features of the best ones before making a purchase. The following are the features to consider.


Capacity can be considered as the main feature of any power bank. The capacity is measured in terms of Milliamp Hours (mAh). Therefore, a higher mAh means a bigger charging capacity. With regards to this, it is necessary to consider the voltage output and see to it that it matches the input voltage of your device. For instance, a power bank with lower output than the required input voltage of a device will not charge the device. For you to charge a 1500 mAh device, you need 3000 mAh and higher power bank.

Quality and safety options

Another attribute of a good power bank is the quality and safety options. The quality is not only determined by the performance but also by how fast and accurately it charges the devices. The efficiency also determines how safe the power bank is to both the device being charged and the user. A low-quality power bank would, therefore not only fail to charge your devices but can also damage them. For a more powerful one, having more than one charging port is an additional feature worth considering.

Connectivity options and charging

Flexibility is among the must-have feature for any good power bank system. The type of connectivity option matters a lot, and the best is USB type. One of the best features associated with USB connection is that it does not discharge the devices. Besides, multiple connectors is also a good choice for a good connectivity option.

LED indicators

Telling whether the power bank is charging or not does not call for any prophecy. In this case, the LED indicator becomes of great importance. The lights can tell the battery level as well as the charging status of the power bank. By just observing the light, you can tell whether the battery is fully charged or not, the same applies to the charge level of the power bank itself.

Brand name

There is always strength and confidence in the brand name. For instance, a brand that is known for quality products would ensure that they maintain their good name or even improve it. This is because of the impact that the brand name has in a competitive market. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the best brand names for an assurance of something of good quality.  In short, it is wise to consider a reputable brand name.

Our Best Picks for 2018

10. Vinsic® 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank

This high capacity power bank from Vinsic provides very robust and stable power supply for each port. It is equipped with dual USB ports to fast charge two digital devices simultaneously. Also, it supports iPhone 6 5S/5/4S/4. iPad, iPod, Samsung devices, HTC phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras, game consoles and MP3/MP4 players, etc. This power bank product was found safe to use, and supports overcharged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection of your devices from charging accident. More so, it has an ultra-slim design with a hard plastic and aluminum alloy construction, reliable and portable. This is very convenient to carry at anytime and anywhere. Plus, it has a built-in figure LED indicator, easy to know that remaining capacity.

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  • Comes with a micro USB cable
  • Super large power capacity
  • Very lightweight
  • Solid built
  • Has 2 USB power outputs


  • Heavier than other power banks
  • Comes only with a USB charger

9. iMuto 20000mAh Compact Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank

iMuto’s model of power bank with a 20000mAh capacity is unique due to its compact size. This power bank is smaller than iPhone 6 Plus, and charge iPhone 6 almost eight times, iPad Air nearly 1.7 times, Galaxy S6 nearly 5.7 times, Galaxy Note four approximately 4.8 times. However, for new Macbook, you will be required to buy another USB Type-C cable, for this to charge your Macbook nearly 1.2 times. Furthermore, this product has both USB ports that detect device intelligently and deliver the faster charge, also, it can charge two devices at the same time. At the same time, to see the status of charging, you can use its bright digital screen to show you the remaining power in digital format. Likewise, a built-in LED flashlight is included. Similar to other power banks, this has multiple smart protection systems to keep you safe.

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  • Very powerful
  • Solidly built
  • Incredibly fast charging
  • Can charge two devices at a time
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Too heavy to carry
  • Requires buying charging cables

8. Aibocn Power Bank 10,000mAh External Battery Charger with Flashlight

This power bank from Aibocn has been found to be an exquisite, portable, and handheld size that has a higher capacity. It features a unique anti-fingerprints design, more cleanly on its surface when you hold it in any places. Plus it has a second USB port which allows for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android and more at high speed. Similar to other power bank models this one has an exceptional safety protection that supports overcharged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over current and short circuit protection to keep you safe all the time. Moreover, it is backed up with the flashlight; that can be of great help to you as the emergency light in camping, hiking, and any other emergency occasions. Aibocn gives 100% customer satisfaction and 30 days worry-free money back with one year limited warranty period.

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  • Fast charger
  • Solid built
  • Huge battery life
  • Very lightweight
  • Has a battery light indicator
  • Comes with a LED flashlight


  • Charging ports located on one side of device as opposed to the top
  • Black part easily gets scratches

7. Portable Charger RAVPower 3350mAh 3rd Gen Luster Mini

RAVpower’s model of power bank is known to be the smallest but powerful enough. This sleek mini size fits easily into any pocket or bag, but powerful enough to get a full charge of your iPhone 6 or other smartphones. More so, this product has a white plastic cap at the top and a unique clip-inspired design that would prevent the charger from scratching and rolling off your desk. Plus it has same anodic oxidation technology as Apple matched with a gorgeous metal that transforms you into a style icon. This power bank charge faster and smarter than others and likewise automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device. At the same time, though being very powerful, this has an ultimate safety feature to keep you away from any incidents.

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  • Has a very sturdy metal frame
  • Easily seen LEDs
  • Quick charging
  • Very compact
  • Easy to use


6. Jackery Mini Premium 3350mAh Portable Charger – External Battery Pack, Power Bank

Jackery’s power bank is known to be the world’s smallest external battery charger and power bank that is compact, portable and stylish and is perfect for long hours of flights, road trips or whenever you need to charge. This is ideal for Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and much more. Moreover, this is considered high-capacity and portable phone charger with 3350mAh rechargeable battery. It uses a Panasonic Grade A Li-ion cell and premium microchips that create high-quality portable charger with four layers of smart safety protection.

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  • Power off automatically if there is no load is detected in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for small pockets
  • Charges phone so fast
  • Very lightweight
  • Has great form factor


5. Anker PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

Anker power bank has an ultra high capacity that weighs as little as a can of soup yet charges the iPhone 6s seven times, the Galaxy S6 five times or the iPad mini four twice. It offers high-speed charging with a combination of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost that deliver the fastest possible charge. Likewise, it recharges itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger, phone chargers that may take up to 20 hours. This power bank product is certified safe because of its Anker’s MultiProtect safety system that ensures complete protection for you and your devices. The package includes Anker PowerCore, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcomes guide and 18 month warranty period.

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  • Solidly built
  • Smudge proof
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically turn on every time you connect
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight


4. KMASHI 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank, Portable Charger Backup Pack

KMASHI 10000mAh power bank has a glossy varnish that allows you to power up in style. Plus it has a four status LEDs that keep you informed of remaining capacity. Also, it has ultra-high density battery cells and uses a 5V adapter for fastest charging. Eventually, it can offer you super fast charge output through dual USB ports that allow for simultaneous charging of you iPad, iPhone, Android and more devices in a high speed. Likewise, it has an intelligent power manage IC, that protects overcharging, and short circuit. With such massive capacity in such a compact package, this is perfect for flights, road trips or just anytime you are away from the power outlet.

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  • Very stylish
  • Quickly charge Apple products
  • Very convenient to use
  • Solidly built
  • Easy to use


3. External Battery RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger Power Bank

RAVPower power bank has the highest output in the market which features a 4.5A total output capable of simultaneously charging two tablets, making it faster and stronger than the other. Also, this has an exclusive smart technology allowing it to charge quicker and smarter than others, and automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device thus ensuring the fastest and most efficient cost. It is the power bank that brings a unique design with a smooth, ebony varnish allows you to power up in style. Moreover, It has an ultra-reliable A+ lithium-ion battery with over 500 battery charge cycles to keep you safe and secure at all times.

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  • Very stylish
  • Takes only a while to charge
  • Very convenient to use
  • Charge lasts for a long time
  • Comes with a flashlight


2. Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Anker power bank has a fast charging technology and POwerIQ which detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge and speed up to 1 amp. This power bank product is ultra compact and has an original lipstick-shaped aluminum design. Also, this recharges in 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter that is sold separately and the included Micro USB cable.

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  • Works well
  • Very compact
  • Quickly charge devices
  • Relatively small
  • Very light and stylish


1. Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger

This best-selling Anker power bank product is almost similar with other Anker models. Consequently, its incredibly compact size adds to its advantages. It has a size of a small candy bar that fits perfectly in your pocket. Plus it recharges in 5 hours with a 1A adapter and a Micro USB cable. However, it does not only support Qualcomm Quick Charge but Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge for up to 2 amps using its particular PowerIQ technology.

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  • Very stylish
  • Small enough to carry in the pocket
  • Has a great battery
  • Easy to pack
  • Long life
  • Fast charging


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