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Sounds great and the water proofing works great. Have not tested it to its limits but seems the battery life is long. Have used it for hours for audio in wet environments. Sounds great and so far always reliability connected to an android tablet for audio.

An awesome product! Great base sound with loud output!! Will be buying more of these for gifts in the future.

This was a trash product and gave my music experience​ tons of hatred. It looks nice but would recommend to anyone. My friend has one. (God bless her)

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This is a very nice product for everyone - can play music everywhere with perfect quality!!!!! I have two UE ROLL and make nice parties on the beach, in the pool

Written by a customer while visiting ultimateears.com

The UE 2 pairs So Easily and the app you download is Fantastic! Works Flawlessly with All my Apple Products and I really love the Capability to turn the speaker On and Off from my I Pad! This performed better all around than my Bose speaker! I use it mostly in the shower and for travel.(The Size is Perfect and Easy to carry) The Highs are beautiful and the Bass is not over bearing! Great Speaker and Being Water Proof is an Added Bonus!

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I have owned a UE Roll since 2015 and still use it several days a week to listen to music. Battery life is still great, sound is the same as day one, and it has survived some rough trips. It's hard to find an electronic device that will last as long as this one has.

Written by a customer while visiting ultimateears.com

Flat out amazing. I went out and bought the wonderboom and this for my girlfriend, we took a trip to the mountains and both did extemly well! We then got back to school and after a couple of days of different music playlists, podcasts, and small parties, I found hers to be just as amazing and far more versatile! I love strapping it to the handle bars of my jeep when laying out under the moon and biking out in the woods together. The wonderboom has more bass but if that was the breaking point I would probably settle for the boom 2/ mega or charge 3. The thing that makes this so amazing to me is the bungee functionality and how the speaker becomes flush and out of the way! It's the reason I will never consider another speaker and also the quality of sound ( just jaw dropping for its size) but the wonder boom is too. I hope they don't abandon this design. The speaker is truely for people who are just as innovative as it is.

Written by a customer while visiting ultimateears.com

This speaker sounds amazing for its size and its very convenient to take wherever you want. I use it often for mountain biking and camping trips. Its easy to strap onto you pack around any object to hang in place. My biggest issue with this speaker is that UE doesnt have a Play/Pause/Next Track feature. The goal with a blue tooth speaker (especially one that can go into the pool with you) is that you dont need to access your phone to go to the next song or hit play/pause. I feel like this is an extraordinary oversight by UE, especially when every other company has these features as a bare minimum. It affects my user experience with the speaker and has been the reason that I've reached for another speaker on many different occasions.

Written by a customer while visiting ultimateears.com

Hi Travis, WONDERBOOM does have a button in the middle on the top of the Speaker that let's you Play/Pause/Skip your music, you can learn more at the How-To Guide: http://support.ultimateears.com/guide/wonderboom/ Thanks Travis. If you have questions, please let us know by email at https://Support.UltimateEars.com/email-support

The simplicity in the design really makes the product difficult to criticize. I like to practice pentatonic scales on my guitar while playing blues backing tracks from Youtube or music from my Spotify account. This product is ideal for practicing guitar alone or in a group, whether you are in a field, a house party, or an environment conducive to progressing your musical interests!

Written by a customer while visiting ultimateears.com


UE Roll 2 Review

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One company that keeps popping up on best Bluetooth speaker lists is UE. Two of their speakers jumped to the top of tons of shopping lists: the UE Boom and the UE Roll. Since their initial release both have been updated. We already got a chance to check out the UE Boom 2 and though I liked it better than the original, it wasn’t for me. Now we’re taking a look at the UE Roll 2 to see how it holds up.

Whats Inside

When you pull the box out of the sleeve and open it up, you’ll be greeted with the speaker. They come in a bunch of different colors and designs, and we’re looking at the new “Drippy” version from artist Jen Stark. You’ll also get a short yellow micro USB cable for charging, a floatie for the speaker, and a quick start guide.

Build & Design

If you don’t notice a difference in design between this new UE Roll 2 and the first version, you’re not going crazy. There really isn’t a difference, on the outside at least. The same IPX7 waterproof fabric covers the front and the same plastic is still present on the back. The giant plus and minus symbols for volume control are still sewn into the front and there’s not much else. I definitely enjoyed the minimal take on playback controls in the original, and I’m glad to see that it’s still the case with this new one.

On the back are a few more things of note, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance because of how well they blend in with the speaker. On the top side of the back there’s a small power button and a smaller Bluetooth pairing button. On the bottom is a small watertight flap of rubber that when pulled back reveals the micro USB input for charging and a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices.

Also like the original, the UE Roll 2 has a small bungee cord on the back perfect for hanging it wherever you want or strapping it somewhere. One cool design aspect is that you can securely strap it to a small hook on the back of the speaker when not using it. UE was definitely thinking ahead when they designed this speaker.


Here is where things finally start to differ between the Roll 2 and the original. UE claims that this new model has a range of 100 feet when paired to Bluetooth devices. When we tested it outdoors we got a little over 70 feet before stuttering became a problem. Range indoors definitely suffered more, but it was still good enough for average use. With 3 walls in the way I was able to get to around 30 feet before music cut out entirely. Playback controls are also still disappointing since all you can do is raise or lower the volume. You can’t even pause or play music let alone skip tracks.

Battery Life

UE claims a battery life of 9 hours but again, we weren’t so lucky in our testing. With volume on about 60% we were able to squeeze a respectable 10 hours of the Roll 2. That said, when we maxed out volume the Roll 2 died after only 3 hours of usage. I had this same issue with the way more expensive Beoplay A1 that we recently reviewed.

Sound Quality

The UE Roll 2 has a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices, but where’s the fun in that? We did all of our testing using mobile devices.


The low end is surprisingly solid for a speaker of this size, but isn’t amazing. But what it lacks in depth and power it makes up for in control. Basslines and drum kicks were surprisingly clean and when the drums kick in a minute into “He Is The Same” by Jon Bellion it barely vibrates my desk, but it’s enough to make your head nod.


The bass isn’t anything special, but the mids are. Vocals and guitar in “1936” by Phox sound beautiful throughout the entire song especially when played at average volume. When you max out the speaker there is a very slight distortion sometimes but for the most part instruments are still clear and details. Snare hits also have a nice airy quality with the reverb cutting out at the perfect time.


When it comes to highs they were also above average. Detail in the shakers and cymbals of “Hang Me Up to Dry” by Cold War Kids were nicely maintained and never became piercing. Overall the UE Roll 2 has a very practical sound. Everything is nicely spaced and attention is given to the elements of the sound that matter most, but don’t expect to be blown away by amazing quality.

The UE roll charges via micro-USB and lasts for nine hours. Unfortunately, it takes a full five and a half hours to top up. The UE Roll 2 is IPX7-rated, like its predecessor, and can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Users can pair a maximum of eight devices to the UE Roll 2 and simultaneously connect to two devices. The mini bungee cord on the UE Roll 2 wraps around the back of the device.


The UE Roll 2 isn’t much of an improvement over the original, but it is an improvement. It gets a little louder (15% to be exact) and has a slightly better range but really it just has a cleaner sound overall. Instruments sound like they have a lot more room to breathe which translates to a better experience. You’re not going to be blown away by the gorgeous sound, but compared to the sound coming from other speakers in this price range like the Flip 3 I’d have to give the Roll 2 a slight edge. Not to mention that the disc shaped design is still just as unique and practical now as it was with the original, and it’s also just as easy to recommend.


Home review

Ultimate Ears’ colourful, outdoors-y Bluetooth speakers have been a hit, from the cylindrical Boom and Megaboom to the disc-shaped Roll. They look fun, they sound great, and they’re excellent value for money.

The UE Roll 2 is another notch in the American company’s bungee cord belt. It’s the second iteration of the Award-winning Roll, but at first glance you’d be left wondering what has changed to warrant a brand new model.

On the outside, the Roll 2 looks the same: it’s a tiny flying saucer of a speaker, with large volume icons, and an ultra-portable and funky design.

So what’s new? It’s 15 per cent louder, has a greater Bluetooth range of around 100ft (depending on the environment, of course), and it’s cheaper. The new UE speaker costs £80, down from £100 for the original.

Does that mean you’re getting more for your money? Absolutely.

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That it goes louder than the previous model is obvious from the moment we do a side-by-side comparison. But it doesn’t just go louder; the Roll 2 is also more open, more dynamic, sounds more solid and more detailed. In fact, if there’s a theme to the Roll 2, it’s ‘more’.

But it doesn’t get carried away. Most Bluetooth speakers of this compact size and sub-£100 price tend to overemphasise the bass to compensate for its physical limitations. Ultimate Ears resists this temptation.

It has the same sense of fun as the previous model, but there’s a touch of maturity with the new Roll 2. The thin, forward-bearing treble that could rear its head has been calmed down to even out the balance.

The low end is more solid, and voices are allowed to breathe and flourish.

Play Lenny Kravitz’s Frankenstein, and the drums hit with a heft that wasn’t there before. There’s a solid thwack, with a good deal of attack driving the funky tune.

It’s surprisingly well organised for a speaker of its compact size and price. Each instrument sounds distinct and is given its due: the guitar twangs and whines, the saxophone fluidly meanders through the song but doesn’t sound too sharp when it hits the high notes, and the bassline is satisfyingly solid without sounding tubby.

What’s impressive is just how controlled the snappy rhythm is. It’s fast, it’s punctual and yet it never sounds like it’s trying too hard to be precise. Stream You Ain’t the First by Guns N Roses, and it’s a full-bodied, open performance.

Given more space to breathe, the Roll 2 conveys more detail and expression than the original, too. You can hear the twang of strings on three different guitars, and even distinguish Axl Rose’s voice from Izzy Stradlin’s on the song.

The new Roll 2 is much more conscious of the shifting dynamics in a song. Fiona Apple’s vocals in Every Single Night are wonderfully clear and nuanced. The speaker shows off its dynamic skill as her voice rises in intensity and goes back down to a soft, strained whisper.

If you want even more bass, the B&O A1 will give you lashings of deep, rumbling bass from a similarly disc-shaped speaker. But it can sound overly rich, and costs significantly more at £200.

The UE Roll 2 may not go as deep and sound as solid, but it is a livelier and, we think, a more enjoyable listen. And it’s considerably cheaper.

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Design and features

The Roll’s design was a huge part of its appeal, and UE has been wise not to change it. The large ‘+’ and ‘–’ volume icons that adorn the speaker’s face are striking and intuitive to use, too.

There are buttons at the back for power and Bluetooth pairing, and it couldn’t be simpler to use: connect the speaker to your smartphone and just press play. There’s also a 3.5mm socket under a waterproof flap at the back for hardwiring your music player.

The Roll 2 remains one of the most portable-friendly Bluetooth speakers we’ve come across. The disc shape is convenient; it’s small enough (just 13.5cm in diameter and 4cm in height) and light enough (only 330g) to carry around in your bag or backpack.

Despite its petite, lightweight design, the Roll 2 never feels flimsy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It has a reassuringly sturdy feel to it, which reinforces its rugged, durable design.

The Roll 2 is built to be used outdoors, and as colourful and attractive as it is, we’re never worried about damaging it. It will survive knocks and drops, and if it gets muddy or dirty, you can simply clean it with good old soap and water.

It’s waterproof, too. The IPX7 certification means it can survive being dunked under one metre of water for 30 minutes – any more and it will conk out. For those that don’t want to submerge the Roll 2, the speaker now comes with a mini life preserver to float it on when you’re having a pool party.

We don’t have a pool in the What Hi-Fi? office, and the closest body of water to us is the River Thames. We decided not to test the UE Floatie (yes, that’s the official name) in its murky depths, but it’s a fun addition anyway.

The Roll 2 also comes with its trusty bungee cord loop strapped to the back, which you can use to securely attach the speaker to anything (or anyone). Ultimate Ears claims the Roll 2’s battery will last for nine hours, depending on how you use it and at what volume.

The microUSB charging cable is included with the speaker but the plug isn’t, which is disappointing. You’ll have to source a plug from somewhere else (such as your smartphone’s charger), but it’s an odd omission when everything else about the Roll 2 is so well thought out.

For instance, if you want to know how much charge is left on the speaker, press both volume icons at the same time and a voice will tell you the percentage.

Alternatively, you can download the UE Roll app to access more features such EQ settings, alarm clock, and Double Up – which lets you connect two UE Roll speakers together to play in tandem or in stereo mode.

The speaker comes in five colourful finishes: Tropical Anime (our review sample’s printed design), Volcano (black), Habanero (orange), Sugarplum (purple) and Atmosphere (blue). The large volume icons and bungee cord come in contrasting colours with each finish. The app also correctly displays the finish of your Roll 2, which is a clever little touch.

And finally, there’s a new ‘Block Party’ feature that you can use via the app. While you can play music from two devices at any one time, this new ‘DJ-friendly’ feature lets you and your friends join up to three smartphones and take turns playing music on the speaker.


The UE Roll 2 shows just how much it got right the first time round, with so many features hiding in that tiny design. Keeping its distinctive look unchanged was a good move, while the improvements in sound and the drop in price make it even better value than before.

If you’re after a compact, portable speaker that sounds great and is genuinely fun to use, we can’t recommend the Roll 2 highly enough.

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The Chunky, Bassy UE Wonderboom vs. the Refined, Sleek UE Roll 2

We’ve examined every Bluetooth speaker on the market, but we thought it would be wise to narrow our focus here to just two excellent, small, outdoorsy speaker offers from Logitech’s UE: the Wonderboom and the Roll 2.

We stand by our overall Bluetooth speaker meta-review‘s recommendation of the UE Boom 2 as the best combination of durability and great sound in a conveniently small package. And we also have other recommendations for those looking to spend a bit less (hello, Logitech X300!).

But if you’re looking for the exact combination of cheap and waterproof — while sacrificing as little as possible on sound quality, of course — the UE Wonderboom and UE Roll 2 are the top choices out there. Here’s a look at how they compare.

Later on we’ll give the details of how reviewers feel about these speakers, but here’s the overview.

UE Wonderboom

• Chunky cylinder cuteness

• Just under a pound

• Sounds pretty good, more emphasis on bass 

• Max output: 86 dBC

• If you buy two, pair them via Bluetooth for double sound

• Fully waterproof and dustproof: Rated IP67

• Floats, but not meant to be used in water

• Drivers: Two 1.58″ (40mm) active drivers and two 1.8″ x 2.6″ (46.1 mm x 65.2 mm) passive radiators

• 10-hour battery

• No smartphone app

• Warranty: 2 years

UE Roll 2

• Flying saucer cuteness

• About 20% lighter 

• More refined, even sound across all frequencies 

• Max output: 85 dBC

• If you buy two, pair them via the UE Roll app for double sound

• Fully waterproof: Rated IPX7

• Comes with pool floattie, designed to play music while floating

• Drivers: One 2” (51mm) driver and two ¾” (19mm) tweeters.

• 9-hour battery

• UE Roll app has equalizer, alarm

• Warranty: 2 years

How the UE Roll 2 and UE Wonderboom Are Alike: Overall Qualities

These are both standout speakers in terms of excellent sound in a small package, and both are fully waterproof with excellent durability and two-year warranties. They’re both at or near the top of critics’ lists. Most users are quite satisfied with either one.

Sound Differences of the UE Roll 2 and UE Wonderboom

The UE Roll 2 is generally the darling of many tech sites, audiophiles, and consumer testing organizations. It tends to come out at or near the top when compared to the other similarly priced and sized Bluetooth speakers. It is noted for having an even, “natural” mix, a “solid” low end, and “little details” that “sizzle”.

The UE Wonderboom is universally described by critics as hitting a bit heavier on the bass end. They also enjoy its 360-degree soundscape, commenting that it truly does manage to throw out quality audio in every direction, and thus is great to place in the middle of a party. It can go just a bit louder.

Pairing Two Units

If you were curious, no, you cannot resolve your indecision by buying both a UE Roll 2 and a UE Wonderboom and pairing them together.

You can, however, expand the sound space and double up the volume by pairing two UE Wonderbooms together via Bluetooth.

The UE Roll 2 is even better in this regard; you can buy two of them and pair them with a dedicated app (for Android/Apple) that allows you to create a stereo soundscape and to adjust equalizer settings.

Durability and Waterproofing

Both of these speakers stand out for their durability and have an IP rating of 7 for waterproofing, which means that they could take being submerged in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Wonderboom floats and the UE Roll 2 comes with a plastic floatie. But if you’re looking for something to have playing music while actually floating in the pool, go for the UE Roll 2 as it is intended for this use; the Wonderboom is better off poolside.

The Wonderboom is also dustproof, which is designated with an IP67 rating (these ratings are specific, legally binding promises). According to UE’s marketing, it is also supposed to withstand drops quite well, and the reviewers that put this to the test with waist-high drops haven’t yet managed to damage their speakers. So you can expect the Wonderboom to be more durable than the UE Roll 2 and to better survive adventures in the woods, at outdoor festivals, etc.


This UE Roll 2 has gone down in price since it was first released and we expect the UE Wonderboom to eventually do the same. As of this writing they’re close, but the Wonderboom is a bit more costly. If purchasing on Amazon, click around to check the prices for different colors, as they can sometimes vary quite a bit and you may be able to get a good deal if you’re flexible about color choice.

Here we’ve also thrown in our overall favorite, the UE Boom 2, just for comparison.


UE Roll 2 Most audio critics prefer the more even and detailed sound of UE Roll 2. Great for using it in a pool. UE Wonderboom Sounds almost as good, has a bit more emphasis on the bass, and goes just a bit louder. Better choice for those who need a speaker for camping or otherwise expect it to suffer a bit of abuse.


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