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5 Best Free VPN Add-ons for Firefox – Better Tech Tips

Some countries have a sucks government policy regarding the internet use, like too many sites blocked. One of the best ways to access sites blocked by your government is by using VPN. If you use Firefox on your daily basis, there are some free VPN add-ons you can install.

The concept of VPN is simple. It enables you to go online via virtual network. For instance, if you use a VPN that is located in the US, you will be detected as an US internet user, even if you are currently living in South Africa. Thus, the applied policies are the ones exist in the US instead of South Africa.

In other words, all sites blocked in South Africa can be opened if you use an US-based VPN. As long as the sites are not blocked in the US. Below are free VPN add-ons you can install on your Firefox.

1. Browsec VPN

With no registration required, Browsec VPN will undoubtedly be your favorite VPN add-on. Browsec itself is freemium VPN. Free version of this VPN allows you to use VPN from four different server locations; USA, Singapore, UK and Netherlands. You will get a standard speed if you stick to free account. There are about 31 different VPN servers you can choose from if you upgrade to premium version of Browsec. However, free version I think is enough if you use VPN just a couple times a month, instead of regularly.

2. SetupVPN

SetupVPN is a freemium VPN add-on. Registration is required before being able to use it, but you will have more server locations. Not just four as it is Browsec, free version of SetupVPN allows you to choose 24 different VPN server locations. SetupVPN also features an IP Lookup feature. You can use this feature to check the IP address of the VPN server you are using.

3. Hoxx VPN Proxy

Creating an account is also required for using Hoxx VPN Proxy. It is also a freemium VPN add-on with free version allows you to choose 26 different VPN server locations. Hoxx VPN Proxy seems is built with the same core as SetupVPN. They both have an extremely similar interface, and also features. You can also check the IP address of the VPN server you are currently using the IP Lookup feature.

4. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is a VPN add-on for Firefox that has a nice interface. You can effortlessly check the network quality of the current VPN by noticing the download and upload speed within the add-on interface. One thing that make you love this add-on, you can use it without having to create an account first. There are 14 different VPN server locations you can choose from. 3 of them are premium. Hotspot Shield VPN also comes with several features to enhance its functionalities, including ads blocker, malware blocker and trackers blocker. Unfortunately, there is no IP Lookup feature offered so you can’t check the IP address of the VPN server you are using.

5. ZenMate VPN

To be honest, ZenMate VPN is not too impressive in terms of speed. Even worse, you are not allowed to change the VPN server unless you upgrade your free account to premium. This VPN add-on actually also comes with a number of useful features, including ads blocker and trackers blocker. But once again, these features are only available for premium account. In the end, the choice keep yours. If you want to give this add-on a try, there will be no sin.

Top 7 Free Best Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN Add-ons ||

Previously we also mentioned the best list of Chrome, Opera & Mozilla Firefox VPN. But we are getting the error on those links that not found in Mozilla Firefox Quantum. Regarding that now you don’t have to worried about that because here you get the Best Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN. Well, we have to know about the firefox quantum. Mozilla Firefox Quantum is released on 14th November 2017. Mozilla Firefox Quantum takes less than 30% of memory than Google Chrome. It has Gorgeous design and smart features for intelligent browsing according to Mozilla. Basically, Firefox Quantum designed for less memory uses and better performance of browsing with the gorgeous design. In this article, you will get the best Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN add-ons. As we know VPN helps us in many ways and we install VPN Software. Now here we are with Best Free Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN add-ons.

Top 7 Free Best Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN Add-ons.

We are mentioning this Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN list because many of the add-ons are not working on Firefox Quantum. Previously we mentioned the list of Mozilla firefox VPN and now they are not working or not available for new Mozilla firefox Quantum. Even many of the add-ons are working perfectly in Mozilla Firefox Quantum. Whatever, If you are willing for Proxy websites and ads clocked add-ons and application then these Mozilla Firefox Quantum VPN add-ons are helpful for you. One good thing from the new version of Firefox is that it comes with inbuilt VPN service of Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy. Using Inbuilt VPN you can also get many free services such as ads blocker, tracker blocker, malware blocker etc. Using VPN you can bypass filtered or visit blocked websites such as NetFlix, Hulu, Spotify or sites that have been blocked by your government or for licensing reasons.

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ZenMate VPN for Firefox

Another best cybersecurity solution to encrypt your all connection, access secure proxy servers & unblock websites easily which are regional blocked. Using this VPN add-ons you don’t have to worried about the Logs & Ads. It is also available for other browsers such as Chrome and Opera with the complete secure environment. Free users of this extension will only have access to 1 location with unlimited data and bandwidth. Premium version of this product allows you to unlock and access more than 30 counties with high speed.

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Hoxx VPN Proxy

The Hoxx VPN helps you to hide your tracks and/or protect your personal information at public Wi-Fi locations. It is FREE for everyone and they have over 100 servers all over the world. Using this VPN you can hide your location, and get protection from malicious websites. Even they also respect your internet privacy so they don’t disclose any information about their users. They encrypt your internet all connections from browser to the target site to prevent anyone from stealing your personal information. This VPN add-ons also helps you to prevents other people from knowing what you are doing Online.

RusVPN - Free VPN – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

RusVPN - fast, secure and absolutely free VPN service for Mozilla Firefox. Strong encryption, access to blocked content and complete anonymity.Our application - the best choice for your Internet security.RusVPN - uses RSA 4096 bit encryption of your connection through our secure proxy servers all over the world. Owing to the extension for Firefox, you can easily ensure full anonymity for yourself, hide your history of search queries, and get unlimited access to blocked resources.The free extension for the RusVPN browser has a simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to get in seconds:★ Full access to all Internet resources and sites

Discover a free visit to Facebook, VKontakte, Youtube, Netflix, PornHub,, Reddit,, LinkedIn, online theaters and many other resources with one click of your mouse. Choose one of the many servers around the world and unlock access to resources bypassing censorship, geographical restrictions in any place convenient for you.

★ Complete security and privacyCompletely hide your traffic from your Internet provider. By changing your IP address, you ensure the confidentiality of your data on the Internet (including all logins, passwords, bank card data, personal photos, browsing history and much more). RusVPN is your barrier to work safely through public Internet at work, school and other public places.★ Access to regional contentOur free VPN uses regional servers that allow you to be located anywhere in the world (including the US, France, the Netherlands, the UK and many others). By selecting one of these servers, you are in the chosen country, and you get full access to resources all over the world.★ Browse adult contentGet full anonymity and security while using sites for adults. RusVPN provides full anonymity while browsing similar sites. No one can know that you have visited such sites.★ Bypassing price discrimination on the InternetBy changing your IP address, you can save a lot on buying games on Steam, renting cars, paying software and much more.★ Absolutely freeDo not pay a penny! We strive to provide free and secure access to the Internet on the absolutely free basis. Why should you choose RusVPN?

RusVPN is the best free VPN service for Firefox, which provides reliability and security to the Internet to a huge number of users from all over the world. Using modern technologies and reliable methods of encryption, anyone can get unlimited access to any resource. We provide high speed of connection, complete confidentiality of your data and round-the-clock support for all our users.

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Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer.

VPN для Firefox - выбираем расширение

С этой статьей мы начинаем небольшую серию уроков о том, как настроить бесплатный VPN и прокси в разных браузерах с помощью удобных расширений и дополнений для обхода заблокированных сайтов. Пока поговорим о VPN для Firefox. Им я пользуюсь для работы, поэтому для меня это очень важно, и начинаем мы именно с него.

Внимание: Этот и последующие уроки по настройке VPN для браузеров актуальны как для Украины (для доступа к Яндекс, и других), России (, и других), так и для остальных стран.

Я уже давно пользуюсь VPN и прокси, но для этой статьи подтестировал новые для себя дополнения Firefox, чтобы стать чуть более объективным. Выбор пал на три расширения для этого браузера. Поговорим о них по отдельности.

Browsec VPN для Firefox

Первое, самое простое  и довольно популярное расширение это Browsec VPN. Просто установили, нажали на иконку аддона и готово. Он не имеет никаких настроек. Все просто.

Плюсы: Простота. Присутствуют шифрование и анонимность.

Минусы: Скорость ниже среднего (включал его раз 15 за день, от только пару раз быстро работал, возможно, просто не везет). Нет возможности выбора сервера и выборочного проксирования сайтов.

Скачать Browsec VPN.

friGate для Firefox

Очень популярное расширение, использующее прокси-сервера для обхода запрещенных сайтов. Имеет много полезных настроек.

Плюсы: Выборочное проксирование из списка, настройки для определенных сайтов, анонимность, шифрование. Хорошая скорость работы.

Минусы: Небольшой выбор серверов, что незначительно при хорошей скорости.

Ссылка на friGate.

Hoxx VPN Proxy для Firefox

Последнее, но не худшее дополнение о котором я хочу вам рассказать это Hoxx. И если вам нужен постоянный VPN для всех сайтов, то я бы рекомендовал его.

Плюсы: Высокая скорость, удобство, анонимность, шифрование. Большое количество стран, с множеством серверов в стране (например, 23 в России, 113 в США, 28 в Германии). Возможность смены сервера в пределах страны (при переподключении).

Минусы: Нет выборочного проксирования, нужна регистрация.

Ссылка на Hoxx VPN.


Вот такие три расширения для Firefox мы считаем лучшими для использования VPN и прокси-серверов. Все они имеют право на жизнь в разных ситуациях.

Если Вы очень редко нуждаетесь в прокси, то вам и Browsec VPN будет достаточно. Включили, зашли на сайт, вышли, выключили.

Если же требуется постоянная работа ВПН для Фаерфокс, использование различных серверов. Мой выбор это Hoxx VPN. Уж очень удобное и приятное приложение. А в одной из следующих статей, я напишу, как добавить возможность выборочного проксирования для расширения Hoxx VPN (UPD: Proxy Privacy Ruler, дополнение которое я хотел использовать для выборочного прокси, больше не поддерживается Mozilla).

А если вам нужен прокси только для определенных сайтов из вашего списка, то хорошим выбором станет расширение friGate.

Вот такой, по моему субъективному мнению, список лучших VPN для браузера Firefox.

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