Pioneer se 205

Pioneer SE-205

Винтажные наушники Pioneer SE-205. Многие продавцы называют их студийными из-за их вида. Это обычные бытовые наушники, «очень» закрытого типа. Действительно отлично сидят на голове и на ушах. Знаменита эта модель именно тем, что это последние бумажные наушники Pioneer. И это много значит.

Наушники выпускались с 1972 года. (материальные доказательства я нашел с 1974 , но слухи говорят, что SE-205 выпускались с 1972 года) см. фото из каталогов Pioneer и Hi-Fi Stereo ниже.

Мне достались новыми в идеальном состоянии от одного очень хорошего человека. За годы «ненапряженного» использования поролон разделяющий и защищающий встроенный динамик растрепался, на звуке это, конечно, не сказывается.

Динамик — 70 мм Сопротивление — 8 Ом

Допустимое сопротивление — 4 — 16 Ом

Диапазон воспроизводимых чатсо — 20 — 20,000 Hz Звуковое давление — 115mW / 0.3V

Макс. вход — 500mW (на канал)

Длина провода — 2,5 м Вес — 450 г ( без провода )

В этом же корпусе была и другие версии SE-305,  SE-405, SE-505, (и совсем смешные SE-Q404) SE-505 двухполосные наушники. отличались чуть меньшим динамиком 45 мм, но принципиально другим. были чуть потяжелее, имели регулятор громкости и провод был длинной 5м и скручен (то, что мы называем телефонный провод ) 405 модель имеет именно тот вид, о котором мечтали мальчишки в Советском Союзе.

Хотя мягкий звук бумажных SE-205 мне нравится больше.

Наушники серии Pioneer SE-205 (и аналогичные) в каталогах тех времен:

Первое найденное мной бумажное свидетельство 1974 год. Обратите внимание на смешные и необычные наушники SE-Q404, тот же корпус, только расположен горизонтально. Чистое ШИЗАудио 🙂 Pioneer Hi-Fi Stereo 1974/75

SE-205 в каталоге 1975 года Pioneer HiFI-Stereo Componenten 1975/76

SE-205 в Pionner HiFi Stereo 1976/77

SE-205 Pioneer HiFi Stereo 1977/78

SE-205 в каталоге Pioneer HIFI-STEREO 78-79

SE-205 в каталоге 1979 года

SE-205 в каталоге 1980 года

Обратите внимание, что все эти годы то появляются, то пропадают их собратья, но 205 несут боевое дежурство из года в год без перерывов.

В Pioneer HI-FI-STEREO 1981/82 их уже нет 🙂 закончилась эра производства SE-205, но не закончилась эра их прослушивания.

скачать сервис мануал скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации

Pioneer SE-205

Manual Library / Pioneer

Dynamic Stereo Headphone System (1973-89)

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The SE-205 feature large size 70mm dynamic speakers for complete reproduction of dynamic bass, mid range and precise treble.

The fully enclosed design is effective in blocking off external sound. The units have an elegant, modernistic appearance with leatherette ear pads.


Type: dynamic headphone

Drive unit: 70mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Maximum input: 500mW

Maximum sound output level: 115dB

Impedance: 8Ω

Cord Length: 250cm

Weight: 450g

Price: USD $30 (1980)

Year: 1974


instruction/owners manual   -

service manual   - peterhristakiev

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Reviewed Jan 27th, 2016 by peterhristakiev

I've bought them before one month from a friend for 45 USD. I find this headphones in excellent condition, without any scratches on the plastic parts, without any wears and cracks on the leather, no damages on the paper drivers . I'm not sure when they were produced (somewhen between 1972-1988) but they seem like brand new and sound excellent for me. They're like my kind of headphones. The headphones from the present-days have a very large Frequency Response, for example between 5HZ to 45kHz, the SE-205 despite their limitet range between 20Hz to 20kHz have a very soft, warm, vintage sound, with very expressive 3D soundstage. I was very surprised when I put them at first time on my ears. The tracks of Dire Sraits, Diana Krall, Eagles, Kanzas, Dream Theater and many others sound dynamic and analogue through them. Also for me the SE-205 are very comfortable and great for long listening sessions. One week ago I've decided to start some modifications on them for better performance. I've bought from ViaBlue in Germany a 6 meters of EPC-3, it is their silver earphone cable. The price is around 4 EUR per meter, also I bought two Neutrik NP3X-B, it is a 3 pole 1/4 professional phone plug and one Neutrik NJ3FC6-BAG, a professional locking 1/4 cable jack. For soldering I have Rotenberger ''silver'' solder 96%Sn+4%Ag. The original Pioneer cable was replaced with two meters of EPC-3 and Neutric plug. From the other 4 meters I've made an extension cable with the Neutric plug and jack. So I have around 6 meters line (a bit longer than the distance between my music and my sofa). Also I put some small amount of poliester batting (wool) in the ear cups, originaly they are empty. After 3 days of listening I will say that the result is better than before, now they sound more clear, dynamic and more transparent. Sorry but it's always was dificul for me to describe a music with words. So what about the rating? For me they are amazing, they are my new/old Pioneers and I like how they sound, they are my discovery, my back to the golden ages of HI Fi, may be I should give 10(of 10). But I think it's dificult to compear the SE-205 with the contemporary models, it is a big difference (I've listened a modern Focals, Audio-Technica, Denons, AKGs, SENNHEISERs and others).

Honestly I'll give them 7(of 10).


Buy Pioneer SE-205 Headband Headphones - Black online | eBay

  • True audiophiles can take their listening to the next level with these Pioneer headphones. Originally released in the 1970's, the set continues to offer quality and comfort. You can plug a pair into a vintage Hi-Fi stereo or your phone and feel like you went back in time. As technology keeps growing and changing, audiophiles sometimes find themselves left behind. Manufacturers keep making products and releasing designs that put style above all else. With a vintage pair of Pioneer headphones, you can look great and still feel comfortable. This pair will feel comfy during even the longest of listening sessions. The on-ear design includes padding on each headphone. A heavy-duty type of foam surrounds the internal speakers. This foam helps amplify the sound and deliver a purer clarity of sound. The manufacturer added extra padding beneath a leather cover. This circular section fits right on top of your ears. Thanks to the adjustable design, you can move each side for a more comfortable fit. Metal pieces wrap around the ear pieces and connect back to the neck piece. The neck piece looks like a thick leather strap. The design of this strap provides more structure and stability. This model will remain in place, even as you move around the room. The strap also functions like a headband for wearing this pair higher up on your head. Though it looks like real leather, the manufacturer actually used a black leatherette material.Pioneer created each ear piece as a fully enclosed headphone. Each piece will completely surround your ear and block out any background noises. This helps you focus on your video, game, or song without any distractions getting in your way. You can even use the pair when listening to recorded books. The pressure from each ear piece is so light that you forget that the sound is coming from headphones. Manufacturers use the term dB/mw to describe the sensitivity of a pair of headphones. A higher number means that the pair has a high sensitivity and might damage your ears. This pair has a mid-range number that delivers great audio strength while keeping your ears protected. The pair also has a good impedance, which lets your music come across as more dynamic. Many audiophiles will like the 70mm size of the internal speakers. The larger size helps the bass and treble in each song come across clearly and stronger. The included cord measures just over 98 inches long, which gives you more freedom to roam. You can plug the cable into your stereo and listen from across the room. The headphones have a maximum frequency response of 10kHz and a minimum response of 20Hz. This response changes based on the device you use with it. These vintage headphones have the 1/2-inch jack. Audiophiles will prefer this vintage piece of gear because of the sound quality and comfortable fit.
  • Noise Isolation, Closed Back

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Pioneer SE-205


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