Movie smart tv


Movie SMART TV — четырехъядерный мини ПК с аппаратным декодированием H.265

Android box / Потоковое воспроизведение

Movie SMAT TV является новейшим развлекательным центром на базе Android с четырехъядерным процессором, предназначенный для онлайн-вещания (OTT, IPTV).Movie SMAT TV совместим с большинством приложений, в том числе предоставляющим доступ к новейшим фильмам, телепередачам, уникальному контенту и прямым трансляциям спортивных событий.

Универсальный пульт ДУ

Быстрая и простая настройка пульта позволяет одновременно управлять телевизором и Movie SMAT TV при помощи одного интуитивного пульта дистанционного управления.


Movie SMAT TV является идеальным решением для бизнес потребностей и предназначен для непрерывной работы 24/7/365. Он может автоматически воспроизводить видео, аудио и фото файлы. Без отключения, без пауз, без возврата в меню. Простой в использовании. Обновление контента через USB. Автовключение, автовоспроизведение, зацикливание и повтор.

ОС Android 4.4.2
Процессор Четырехъядерный ARM
Память 1ГБ DDR3, 8ГБ Flash
Видеоразъемы HDMI / AV (кабели в комплект не входят)
Сеть Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n; Ethernet RJ-45
Внешняя память Слот для SD карт
USB 4 x USB 2.0
Пульт ДУ универсальный, обучаемый
Питание DC 5В/2А
Размер 119×119×28 мм

Samsung Smart TV Apps List on Smart Hub

Here is the list of all the Samsung Smart TV Apps available on the Smart Hub in the tabular form for easy navigation and checking.

A Smart TV is a television set with the integrated Internet and interactive “Web 2.0” features. Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular TV product. The Samsung Samsung Smart TV has a number of useful Apps to use and today in this post I have listed almost all the Smart TV Apps from Samsung’s Smart Hub.

The Samsung TV Hub hosts a large collection of apps ranging from entertainment, fashion, sports, streaming, VOD, Kids, Infotainment and much more. Few apps may not be available for older TV series while few may not be available for newer series. The Apps below are most likely available for all the Samsung Smart TVs.

Most Popular Samsung Smart TV Apps


YouTube for Samsung TV is one of the most popular TV App. The App interface is very easy to use and it even lets users to Sign-in with the Google Account to synchronise the YouTube data.


Netflix allows you to stream videos from the web directly to our TV screen without an external gadget.

The Netflix app is usually pre-installed or can be downloaded in almost all Samsung Smart TVs. In this case, all you need is to search for Netflix from the installed app list, sign in and start enjoying.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon. The Amazon offers some great exclusive content.

The Amazon video serves in countries like USA, UK, India and other European countries.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now allows you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on your TV. The app manages the heavy loaded games by streaming them directly from Sony’s servers.

Few of the faster games may not be much responsive as if they are when running natively on a console, but good internet speed can reduce the cluttering effects to make gaming more enthralling.


Hulu is another popular American subscription video on demand service offering some of the most popular and exclusive content to its user’s worldwide.


Are you a music lover? If yes then Spotify can turn your TV into a small music theatre with over 30 million tracks. It even lets you subscribe and edit the playlist to keep your songs organised.


Vudu is a video-on-demand service that let you pay as you go. Vudu is known for its higher quality video and sound, including the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound releases.

Here I have listed all the Apps on Samsung Smart TV, check for your favourite below. To find any of the below on your TV.


One of the most popular media player to access the content remotely over the server. You can stream any media stored on your PC or Phone on the Samsung TV with the Plex Media Center. You can even access the movies and content from the authorised distributors.

Web Search

The Samsung Smart TV App also provides Web search utility. You can search for your query right on the TV with Web 2.0 App from Samsung itself.

HBO Now | Go

Another VOD services, HBO is one stop destination if you wish to enjoy some premium flagship content like Game of Thrones.


iPlayer is the internet streaming and VOD service by BBC. You can watch live shows or catch-up content with the iPlayer on your Samsung TV. It is quite popular and has area restriction as it only available to the UK. It has a large collection of videos from the BBC network.

All 4 (UK Only)

All 4 is Channel 4’s version of iPlayer, and covers content from there network. The App has more popular shows are available indefinitely on the service. All 4 is a video on demand service from Channel Four Television Corporation. The service offers a variety of programmes from Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music.

Click on Smart Hub Button → Categories → Choose the category → Download the App & open it

To check your favorite Apps, you can press Ctrl+F and type the App name in the search box.

Read about: how to quickly search and install Smart TV App?

Note: Apps availability may vary subject to country and TV series, few many apps listed below may not be available or may be available as it all depends on your region and TV Model.

Video Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Below is the tabular data of all the video streaming Apps available on Samsung Smart TV.

Video Apps

Video Apps

Video Apps


3D Smart Tv

Digital Theatre



3doo 3D Player


Kurdish TVs Plus


AirWire Payer

Divine India

mako TV


Al Jazeera


Mentors Channel


Amazon Video Prime


Mercedes-Benz TV



DS Video

Mo Moviez VOD






Arirang TV




Arpinet TV





FashionBox Live

National Geography Kids


Baby Channel

Fashion TV




Fightbox Live

NetPlus TV


BBC News

FilmBox Live

NFB Films


Bolly n Beyond

Financial Times



Caribbe TV


Pepsi MTV Indies


Chef TV

Ginx TV

Pluto TV


CineFunTV HD

Google Play Movie



College Humor

GSS Media WW

Porsche TV



Hero Talkies

Redbull TV


Digital Concert Hall

Home Theatre

Rockaxis TV




Smart IPTV






Total Music


Yupp TV

Sports Apps for Samsung Smart TV

The sports apps may be video streaming based or just present data or scoreboard.

Sports Apps

Sports Apps

Sports Apps




Cricket DL Calci


WWE Network

Workout Time Recorder




Personal Fit Stretching for Running

Fishing TV



Sports Score Board


Kids Apps for SSTV

Kids Apps

Kids Apps

Kids Apps


Best Kids Songs

DS 04

DS 10


Cat Trouble in Mouse Village

DS 05

DS 11


Dibo’s Playground Plus

DS 06

DS 12


Dibo’s Storybook 01

DS 07

DS 13


DS 02

DS 08

English Kindergarten


DS 03

DS 09

Giggly English 1


GE 2

GE 3

Gingerbread Man



Solar System Planets

Three Little Pigs

Education Apps for SSTV

Education Apps

Education Apps

Education Apps


7Wonders of the World


Human Evolution


ABC Monster Fun




Alphabet 2012


Learn & Play


Alphabet Games

Diibo’s Stickerbook

Learn French



Folk Tales

Lets Learn Grammer


Awesome Glasses

Fun With Maths

Letter Bubbles


Baby Beetles

Giggly Phonics



Baby’s toy RC

Giggly Them Dictionary

Math Man


Best Kids Songs

GRE Flash Cards

Mensuration Made Eas



Human Anatomy Sys

Mi Perro Chocolo


Millenium Maths


Nursery Island


Poror’s Stricker Book 1

Rulers of India


Information Apps for SSTV

Information Apps

Information Apps

Information Apps


The Weather Network


TV Kindergarten


Bloomberg TV


All About Hairstyle



ABP News

The Dating Theory




Pictorial Biography


Web Browser





Color Blindness Test

The History of Rome



No More Smoking

History of America


42Net Smart Player

All About Perfume

DIY Child Products


The Weather Channel

All About Diabetes



Remote Shop Care Hub

All About Mixing Drinks

This Day in History


Money Control




Deccan Chronicle


Did You Know


Samsung SPSN


Aaj Tak


Top Beauty Secret




BMI Calci

IBN Live



Qminder Connect

RTP Play

Lifestyle Apps for SSTV

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle Apps


Blue Sky

Facebook Samsung

Live Wallpaper


Broken TV




Calm Radio

Funny Sounds



Chinese Astro

Getting Rid of Bugs

NatGeo Images


Christmas Carols


NDTV LifeStyle




Pixtory HD



Interactive Story




Komfort Cloud TV

Red Karaoke


Digital Clock




Disco Lights

Learning Wudu



SantaBanta Bolly

Smart LED

Sound Effect


Size Converter

The Karaoke TV



vTuner Internet Radio


World Clock



Sony PlayStation


Note & Conclusion: The post above tries to give a compelling list of all the Apps available on the Samsung Smart TV. The Apps availability may be subjected to the region restriction.

I hope the post was helpful. I will continuously update the data so I request you to follow us and subscribe us and do comment below for any assistance or support.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the latest beginner manual on setting up Samsung Smart TV today! This guide also contains the video demos and feature details that weren’t aware of.

If you've any thoughts on Samsung Smart TV Apps List on Smart Hub, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for more important updates. Cheers!

31 Jan, 2019

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2019

Movies are a powerful medium – powerful enough to break the boredom and shower us with hours of bliss. A good movie can easily shake off the tiredness of a long and hectic day. And they are particularly refreshing when you can watch them for free via an app. And this is exactly where our list of the best free movie streaming apps comes into play.

We’ve taken a good look at the most popular free movie apps – and we’ve selected a nice group of fully legal options. Even though it might be tempting to go for piracy, we strongly advise you against that. As you’re about to see, the following apps bring you more than what you’ll ever need.

And lastly, we want to say that many of our recommendations earn revenue via advertisements. This is something that you simply can’t avoid, and you might break the playback functionality if you try. However, we’re sure that you’ll agree that watching a few ads here and there is a low price to pay for completely free content.

Important Notice: As you’re about to see, some of the recommendations found in this article are not available worldwide. However, this is something that can be fixed easily by using a capable VPN, such as ExpressVPN. On Android, you can download the chosen app from an alternative source (such as, for example). On iOS, you’ll need to create a new Apple ID with an address from the country where the app is available. Download the app, enable the VPN, and you’ll be free to watch with no limitations. 

Finally, we’re proud to present the 10 best free movie streaming apps in 2019 that you can download right now!

1. Viewster

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Korean Drama, Animated, Classics, Romance, Thrillers, Documentary, Musicals
From the 1960s to the 2010s
Mostly HD; Older movies in SD
Not required
Android, iOS, Roku

Right at the outset, Viewster comes across as a treat for those who love the anime genre. The app is presently available for both iOS and Android, and there’s a dedicated Roku channel as well. When you open the app, all the latest videos will be displayed right at the start. The search bar placed in the top-right makes it even easier for you to search content faster.

There is a neatly divided channels menu as well. You get to see All channels, the Recent channels, and the Trending channels. As you would expect, the content is divided based on the same categories. There is also a Browse section of the movie streaming app. That will help you reach all the different content on Viewster. Furthermore, each video is sorted based on its category. This makes it even easier to find what you want.

You should also know that Viewster comes with a sizeable library of movies that date back to the 1960s and the following decades. With this said, plenty of movies are only a few years old, so there’s a bit of everything here. And when it comes to TV series, you can find a nice collection of anime content and user-generated content as well (similar to YouTube).

2. Sony Crackle

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Originals, Horror, Romance, Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi
From the 1980s to the 2010s
Mostly HD; Older movies in SD
The USA, Australia, Latin America, the Caribbean
Not Required (USA, Australia); Required (Latin America)
Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, PS4, Roku
Sony Crackle

Notice: To get the most out of Crackle and to use it free of charge, we recommend accessing its US version by using ExpressVPN. For additional information, check how to unblock Sony Crackle from anywhere in the world. 

We expect only the best experience out of anything that rolls out of the house of Sony. And Crackle does not disappoint. There are plenty of exclusive gems, movies, and even TV shows that you can watch free of cost. To keep your day beaming with content, there are around 40 full-length TV series and thousands of full-length movies from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and even 2010s.

Crackle supports multiple devices as well. This feature works so flawlessly that you can pause a movie on one device and resume on another. Another gem of a feature on Crackle is known as Always On. This lets you stream the current video while you are out hunting for new content. Apart from all its features, Crackle also allows you to share videos on social sites.

One final note – Crackle is available in the USA and Australia, where this service comes free of charge and where it doesn’t require you to register. It’s also available across Latin America and the Caribbean but as a premium-priced subscription (so, registration is mandatory).

3. SnagFilms

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Politics, Foreign, Music, Drama, Comedy, Arts & Culture, Sports, Thrillers, LGBT, Biographies, Documentaries
From the 1920s to the 2010s
Mostly in SD and below
Available worldwide
Not required
Android, iOS, PS4, Amazon, Roku
Snag Films

Notice: SnagFilms is available worldwide, but it doesn’t provide the same content library across the entire world. Due to licensing rights, its American library provides the highest number of titles. Therefore, you can rely on ExpressVPN to unlock this side of Snag Films.

Lovers of indie movies and documentaries will find their solace with Snag Films. Out of nowhere, their rich library gives you access to over 5,000 movies, some of which are quite old (but good). Snag Film covers the eras from the 1920s up to the 2010s.

The user interface for SnagFilms is pretty neatly organized. Like most other movie apps, the featured movies appear on the first screen. The top navigation is brisk and allows you to sift swiftly through the categories. SnagFilms is in the good books of movie lovers for doing some straightforward streaming.

At times, there seems to be a slight issue when buffering movies with the highest qualities. The issue intensified when we tried fast forwarding movies as the app would stop with an error message. This can be annoying as you may have to restart the movie altogether. Fast forwarding seemed fine lower qualities though. We hope they will find a way to fix this annoying bug.

4. Yidio

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Animation, Western, Horror, Indie, and more
From the 1950s to the 2010s
Depending on a selected source (SD/HD)
Only in US
Android, iOS, Amazon

Notice: Yidio serves as a gateway to free content, with many of its partners being limited to the USA. To fully unlock this application, you need to use ExpressVPN – the only VPN capable of breaking geo-restrictions in a highly secure and safe way. 

While the free movie app by Yidio supports only a few devices, it is still a very handy one. That is because it has this amazing quality to point you in the direction of free movies. There are quite a few ways in which you may filter the movies. This includes the rating, genre, source, MPAA and even the premiere date. And please note that some content on Yidio is not totally free. That is because it shares some of the content with Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon. But the ‘Free’ section of the app is genuinely big.

While searching for movies on the Yidio app, you can even hide the ones that you have already seen. Now, most movies you find on Yidio are generally not hosted on Yidio. This means that you may be told to install apps like Hulu or Crackle where you can watch the movies. Nevertheless, Yidio is a useful app to locate interesting content that spans across the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s – and there’s a high emphasis on the 2000s and 2010s.

5. Pluto TV

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Western, Sports, Romance, Family, Animated, and more
From the 1920s to the 2010s
Mostly HD
Only in USA
Not required
Android, iOS, Amazon, Roku, Windows, Mac
Pluto TV

Notice: To access the original version of Pluto TV, you need to use ExpressVPN. After connecting to a US-based server, you’ll be able to fully unblock Pluto TV and stream its content free of charge. 

Pluto TV is actually a real television service that has apps for a number of platforms including iOS and Android. You can stream movies on-demand using the app and even watch movies live. A lot of media is organized into categories like Horror, Action, and Drama. The app also allows you to watch live movies on Channel 51.

Pluto TV also allows you to hide certain channels that you would not like to watch. It also displays intuitive descriptions of the movies that are to come next. Apart from Android and iOS, Pluto TV also runs smoothly on Amazon Fire and Roku. With 100+ channels streaming free all the time, it is worth connecting to a larger screen. And when it comes to the available content, you can find channels that stream movies from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Of course, other channels stream never content, some of which has been recently released.

And Pluto TV does not stop at movies and shows alone. It also gives you a healthy dose of Sports and News through its live streams. The best part of Pluto TV is that it offers all this (and more) without charging you a dollar.

6. Tubi TV

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Comedy, Thrillers, Drama, Documentary, Romance, Horror, Family Movies, Cult Classics & more
From the 1980s to the 2010s
Mostly HD; Older movies in SD
Everywhere except in the EU (European Union)
Not required
Android, iOS, Amazon, Roku, PS4, Windows
Tubi TV

Notice: If you’re in the EU or if you want to access the US version of Tubi TV, you need to use ExpressVPN to break geo-barriers. If you want to know more, here’s how to watch Tubi TV outside the US. 

Among the free apps that stream movies, Tubi TV is perhaps the most punctual. It streams content with the help of over 200 partners and updates the app every week. Anyone with IDs on the Play Store and iOS App Store can lay their hands on this app. The interface of Tubi TV is both simple and catchy, allowing you to browse both TV shows and movies (spanning from the 80s up to 2010s).

As the splash screen of the app fizzes out, you can see a screen with featured content. There is a navigation menu that comes with an available search bar. This menu assists you in sorting out the movies that you would like to have displayed. Along with featured content, there is also a news feed section on the app. The Newsfeed section allows you to see the latest news and announcements as they are made. But we seriously wished the Newsfeed was updated as often as the app.

7. Vudu

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Musicals, Western, Foreign, Horror, Classics, Animation, and more
From the 1980s to the 2010s
The latest movies come in 720p HD; Older titles in SD
Only in USA
Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation 4

Notice: Vudu is restricted to the USA. If you’re not in this country, you can rely on ExpressVPN for creating a free account and using this service. We have a dedicated article on watching Vudu outside the US, so give it a read.

In case you’ve heard about Vudu before, you might be surprised to find this app on our list. After all, Vudu is a premium-paid subscription service. However, it contains an amazing library of movies that come free of charge, many of which are brand new (the oldest picks come from the 80s).

You can stream Vudu online, from just about any device. The service also brings a nice range of native apps covering smart TVs, smartphones (including iOS and Android), streaming devices, game consoles, and even some Blu-ray players. The app provides a streamlined experience and it’s nicely organized.

Before you can watch free movies, you need to sign up for a free account. The procedure is very simple and can be done under one minute. Then, check out the ‘Movies on Us’ section, which comes with hundreds of movies. They are ad-supported, and they rotate over time. While some titles disappear, new ones arrive frequently.

8. Popcorn Flix

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery, Western, Documentaries, Foreign films
From the 1930s to the 2010s
Older movies in SD; Newer titles in HD
Only in USA, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia, and China
Not required
Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon, Windows
Popcorn Flix

Notice: If you live in a country where Popcorn Flix isn’t available, you need to use ExpressVPN to unblock this service and play its content. This is a top-rated tool for watching Popcorn Flix outside the USA. 

Popcorn Flix is available on a whole range of devices including Roku, Amazon streaming devices, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and even Xbox. The app is practically the same across all devices, providing different ways to access its library. At the moment, there are over 1,500 movies that can be streamed free of charge. Also, this service brings a wide selection of older and newer titles, with a big emphasis on the 90s. Still, we managed to find pretty old films, from the 30s, so there’s really something for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that Popcorn Flix can be used without creating an account. Simply press ‘Play’ and the movie will start playing instantly. There are no ads or other kinds of annoying distractions. All in all, this is definitely one of the best free movie streaming apps.

9. BBC iPlayer

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Crime, Drama, Comedy, Reality, Documentary, Horror, Family, Foreign, and more
From the 1950s to the 2010s
Mostly HD (especially new titles)
The United Kingdom
Android, iOS, Amazon, PlayStation 4, Windows
BBC iPlayer

Notice: Sadly, BBC iPlayer is available for the UK market only. Nonetheless, a highly powerful VPN, such as ExpressVPN, will do the job of unlocking the service. For more information, here are the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer.

As you probably know, BBC is the oldest broadcaster in the world. Today, this media company is producing a range of big-budget movies and TV shows. All of those can be accessed via BBC iPlayer, which prominently features the latest released content. However, you can also dig into BBC’s archives, where you’ll find content from the 50s and 60s.

Aside from accessing this service online via a Web browser, BBC iPlayer comes as a native app for a range of platforms. No matter what’s your preferred device, you’ll get to use a highly streamlined and optimized app. It comes with numerous advanced options like creating personalized lists and tracking your viewing habits. You can also use the app from different devices at the same time.

10. YouTube

Movies & TV Shows Genre Content Age (Eras) Video Quality Availability Registration Supports Visit
Quick Facts
Action, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Foreign, Reality, and more
From the 1900s to the 2010s
HD for newer titles; SD for older
Not required
Android, iOS, PlayStation, Roku, Wii U

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend using YouTube. The chances are that you already have this app on your device, and maybe you don’t know that it contains a range of movies and originals as well.

Almost any movie that belongs in the public domain is available free of charge on YouTube. Still, you don’t have to limit yourself to old and classic titles only. A number of independent filmmakers are using this platform as a medium for offering their creations. With a bit of research, you can see that YouTube might just be the most powerful movie streaming platform – that comes free of charge.

Finally, we’d like to recommend you to keep the YouTube app updated on your device. Google is pushing regular updates that improve performance and resolve bugs. So, make sure you’re always using the latest version.

Now that we have dished out some of our favorite movie streaming apps in 2019, it’s your turn to tell us. Which among these is your favorite free movie streaming app? Did we miss out on any? Reach out to us in the comments section below.

Finally, please share this article online if you found it to be interesting. And also, do not forget to follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

10 best Smart TV apps for your Samsung TV

As nice as your new Samsung TV may look in your living room, it's the apps and services you can find on its smart TV platform that are going to define what you're watching and how you go about it.

Samsung Smart TVs have gotten a real upgrade this last year, thanks to the new Smart Hub operating system Samsung has embedded into its high-end, flagship series of QLED and 4K UHD TVs.

Beyond offering the staples of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, Smart Hub is bursting at the seams with great apps – all of which are available to download from the Smart Hub store.

With so many new apps releasing all the time, however, it can be hard to figure out which apps are worth downloading. But that's where we come in. After testing dozens of Samsung TVs over the years, we've narrowed down a list of the must-download apps on the platform that will offer entertainment in spades.

Having a list at your side should make perusing the store a bit simpler and faster for those of you who already purchased a new QLED TV, and for those who are still on the fence about buying one, give you an idea of what you can expect.

That's why we've rounded up 10 of the most-essential apps for your new Samsung Smart TV. (Looking for a complete list of Samsung Smart TV apps? That can be found over at Samsung's website!)

Need a new Samsung smart TV? Check out the Samsung Q9FN QLED, our favorite Samsung-made TV in 2018 and one of the best TVs on the market.

When it comes to online video streaming services, Netflix has been the gold standard since it invented the whole concept almost ten years ago.

As well as having an impressive selection of existing TV shows and movies Netflix is also investing heavily in its own exclusive productions including political drama House of Cards and comedies such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

In terms of sheer amount of content, Netflix is the largest streaming service around, although there are significant differences in the content available on the UK versus the US store – even if the spectre of Disney+ may take some of the best gems out of the library next year.

If you're new to video streaming, then there's no better starting point than Netflix.

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Amazon may not have had the original streaming service, but it's no slouch when it comes to piping you the best TV has to offer. Recent years have seen a steady supply of exclusive shows, such as alternative history thriller The Man in the High Castle and comedy-dramas Transparent and Catastrophe.

Besides exclusives, Amazon also has an impressive selection of content from other providers, but large disparities between US and UK stores mean that it's difficult to pick out specifics here.

Fortunately, unlike Netflix which forces you to have an account in order to view available titles, Amazon makes its Prime listings available directly on its website, meaning you can check that your favourites are available before paying for a subscription.

Read: The best shows on Amazon Prime Instant Video

When Hulu finally updated its subscription tiers in 2017, it brought the service into line with competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime. It had previously offered two tiers, a free service supported by ads and a limited pool of content, and a paid service which offers an expanded selection (on which ads are still present).

Now, you can subscribe to a cheaper tier that keeps commercials, a more robust premium tier that cuts out commercials or the Hulu with Live TV bundle that offers limited commercials for on-demand content plus some live TV channels.

What really sells us on Hulu, though, is its exclusive offerings that includes shows like The Mindy Project and The Handmaid's Tale. Just be warned that no matter which tier you end up subscribing to, a small number of shows and series will still display ads - even when you're on the service's premium tier.

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The BBC has a reputation for producing some of the best TV shows in recent years such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Luther, and, lucky for Samsung TV owners, they're available through the dedicated iPlayer app.

The (significant) catch is that the BBC only makes shows available for 30 days after their first broadcast, which means you're unlikely to ever be able to spend an afternoon 'marathoning' an entire series.

iPlayer makes up for this with possibly the widest selection of shows of any of the streaming services on this list, since it covers (with some small exceptions) everything broadcast on the BBC, meaning tentpole dramas such as Sherlock can be streamed alongside today's episode of long-running soap Eastenders or daytime favorite Antiques Roadshow.

And yes, you legally need a TV licence in the UK to use the service.

All 4 is Channel 4's version of iPlayer, and covers content from Channel 4, E4 and More 4. Unlike the BBC's iPlayer, however, more popular shows are available indefinitely on the service.

What this means is that if you want to sit down and watch every episode of the excellent Peep Show since it was its first broadcast in 2003, then there's nothing stopping you.

Other top picks include The IT Crowd, Black Books (both written by the excellent Graham Lineham) and my personal guilty pleasure Grand Designs.

Our next pick is a little different from the other streaming services on this list. Instead of streaming videos from a service, PLEX allows you to curate a collection of your own on a media server and stream it to whichever device you want. 

That said, while PLEX is available on nearly every device, it looks darn good on Samsung Smart TVs. 

So why install PLEX if you have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or any of the other streaming services on this list? Because PLEX is free. There are no monthly fees for the base version of the app, which allows you to build and maintain your own local video server. 

If a DIY video streaming service sounds like a lot of work and a less-than-ideal experience, it will surprise you to know that PLEX has really improved in the last few years making it ultra-easy to setup and incredibly versatile as a streaming service.

HBO Go and HBO Now are both streaming services from the television network behind such classics as The Sopranos, The Wire and more recently Game of Thrones. No other network has produced quite as many classics as the Home Box Office has.

Many of HBOs top shows, such as the aforementioned The Wire or the sublimely crafted True Blood are available on Amazon Prime Video, but HBOs own apps get access to shows immediately after they're broadcast rather than when the boxset is available to everyone else. Put simply, if you want to stream Game of Thrones the day it's released, you're going to have to pay for either HBO Go or HBO Now.

So what, exactly, is the difference between the two services? HBO Go is the streaming service available exclusively to HBO cable subscribers, while HBO Now is available to anyone regardless if you pay for the premium channel or not.

Which one you opt for is likely to be a decision driven by whether you already have a cable subscription to the service, but the HBO Now app is generally reported to be a slightly more responsive piece of software.

YouTube used to be the place to get your fill of amateur footage of everything from skateboarding fails to cat videos, but in recent years the site has become host to a range of content, from scripted comedies to reality TV shows to documentaries.

It's a platform which is no longer defined by its amateur production values. Now content creators use teams of professional video production staff to produce a dizzying amount of content catering to every possible niche.

We're personally a massive fan of the PC hardware channel LinusTechTips (as well as our own TechRadar YouTube Channel) but there are channels catering to every possible interest from beauty and fashion to video games.

YouTube also carries full movies which can be rented for 30-days or bought outright.

The first major player in music streaming, and a go-to app for anyone wanting to play or find music through your TV. Here you can sign into your Spotify account and access all of the same songs, playlists, and library as you would on your laptop or smartphone. With over 40 million songs, and thousands more added every day, this is the most cohesive music streaming service out there.

While Spotify still has the crown for music streaming apps though, you'll only find it on Samsung smart TVs post-2015. For those with older sets, what you can access something called Pandora.

While you might remember Pandora as the internet radio station service, it's actually a much more interesting and versatile service than a lot of folks give it credit for. First off, calling it internet radio isn't quite right. It's like algorithmically generated personalized music stations. No need to shuffle in between stations as Pandora learns from your feedback: dislike a song and Pandora will skip it. Like a song and Pandora will play more like it.

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VUDU is another video streaming service, however unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, it does not offer an all-you-can-eat monthly streaming subscription.

Instead titles are rented or bought on an individual basis, and the site runs frequent sales where you can grab a bargain. Rentals run from between $0.99 and $5.99, and purchases from $4.99 to $24.99.

While VUDU's library of movies is much smaller than Netflix's, its model relies on having titles available to stream as soon as the home release hits. This is opposed to Netflix who tend to feature older films in their library.

I would struggle to recommend that users exclusively rely on VUDU for all their streaming needs, but as a supplemental service to Netflix or Amazon Prime VUDU works well to fill in the gaps.

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