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How to Enable OTG Access on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

Just like with the OnePlus 3, we need to enable OTG storage access on the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T and you can do that by following these steps outlined below.

Using OTG cables to access storage devices isn’t a particularly popular feature for Android smartphones and tablets. The platform has had support for it for a while now, but it just isn’t something that everyone uses. Most who need this will likely buy a phone with a microSD card slot in it so they can expand the amount of storage they have on their devices. However, OTG support is used for more than just accessing additional storage.

There are many who use OTG cables so they can connect a console controller to their device. This can be great for playing mobile and traditional games on the go. So while Android does have this feature built into the platform, OnePlus has a history of disabling this feature unless the personal enables it in the software. We haven’t been given a reason as to why it’s implemented this way, but the feature is easy to enable once you know about it.

OnePlus 5 Enable OTG

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Scroll all the way down to the System section
  3. Tap on the Advanced option
  4. Then tap the OTG Storage option to enable the feature


See, the steps required in order to enable OTG on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T are very easy to follow. But most people won’t even know the feature is there unless they have scoured the Settings application looking for it. As mentioned, this is a feature that most people will just assume is enabled by default because that’s how other Android devices handle things. So most would just connect their device to the OnePlus 5 and then get mad when it didn’t work.

So all we have to do is launch the Settings application and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. The last section we see here is labeled system and in there you should see an option called Advanced. Go ahead and tap that option and you’ll be taken to another sub menu with a few options here. There are a lot of things to choose from here but we just want to focus on the feature that is labeled OTG Storage. Simple tap it and it will enable the feature within Oxygen OS.

Look for the Advanced option at the bottom when you launch the Settings application.

While it does specifically say OTG Storage, it also lets you use other OTG devices on the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T, just like it will on all other Android smartphones and tablets. There aren’t any other steps involved in the guide and you won’t ever need to disable this toggle unless you experience some sort of issues with it elsewhere. I haven’t seen any reports about being having issues while keeping it enabled all the time, but OnePlus has to have a reason for disabling it in the first place.

So it’s just something you’ll likely want to keep an eye out for. Once you’re done toggling the feature on, go ahead and tap the Home button to go back to the Home Screen and then connect up your OTG device to the OnePlus 5. If it’s a thumb drive or storage of some kind, then you can open up a file explorer application and immediately access those files. If it’s a controller or something else, then you can open up your other applications and start utilizing it right away.

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OnePlus 5T USB OTG Support

OnePlus 5T is the latest smartphone from OnePlus and was launched last month globally. The new OnePlus 5T comes with a 6.01-inch touchscreen display and is powered by 1.9GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM and also has 64GB storage. There is no micro SD card expansion slot as the phone comes with 64GB storage. There is also an 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variant as well. Is there OnePlus 5T USB OTG support? Let’s find it out in this post.

Another option to access files on the device is to use the OTG functionality. OTG also helps in connecting other computer peripherals like keyboard, mouse, gaming consoles etc. So does OnePlus 5Tcome with USB OTG support?

How to Enable USB OTG on OnePlus 5T?

USB OTG support exists on OnePlus 5T, but if you plug in a USB pen drive, it will not be detected unless you enable this feature.

To do this, open the settings panel and go to Advanced settings. Here you will see a slider for USB OTG. Enable this option by using the slider and OTG is enabled on your OnePlus 5T.

Now you can connect your computer peripherals like mouse, pen drive, keyboard etc to the phone and access them. Once this option is enabled, you can see the pen drive will be detected in the notification center. Also, OnePlus 5T also supports external portable hard disks via OTG support. So you can even connect your hard disk and access the files from the device.

Here is a quick video tutorial on the same.

The process is same as shown in OnePlus 5.

So officially OnePlus 5T comes with support for OTG out of the box and you just have to enable this option in the settings panel. If you have any questions on OnePlus 5T USB OTG support, you can post it in the comments section of this post.

How to enable OTG in OnePlus 5, 5T and OnePlus 3, 3T |h3S Media

The OnePlus 5 and 5T are the successor of OnePlus 3 & 3T and most affordable smartphones in the high-end phones category with awesome specs in reasonable price. The OnePlus 5 has 5.50 inches screen while 5T has almost 6 inches 18:9 display. The Oneplus 5 & 5T comes in two variants 6 GB RAM with 64GB storage and 8GB RAM with 128 GB storage but the processing power in both the phones is same. They are powered by 1.9GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Coming to the point which is storage, there is no microSD card support in any devices mentioned above. So, in that case, if you want to use the external pen drive or USB hard disk, you can use the OTG option. The OTG option in Oneplus 3&3T and 5T &5T can support 2TB size external drive and we have personally tested this.

Note: Here, for performing this tutorial we are using the OnePlus 5 but the steps for enabling the OTG support is same for OnePlus 5T, 3 and 3T.

How to connect pen drive to OnePlus 5

Well, the enabling OTG is not a big deal but in OnePlus Oxygen OS, it is not given on the front screen. So, let’s find out how to enable it?

Many people ask the question that, does OnePlus 5 come with USB OTG support? And what is OTG storage means? 

Yes, the OnePlus 5 supports the OTG cable but it is not just only to connect a pen drive or USB drive. You can use the OnePlus 5 OTG functionality to connect other computers peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, gaming consoles etc.

The OTG storage in OnePlu5  or in any device means the support of external storage device using the adapter. The adapter type depends on your phone charging port. If it is microUSB then the adapter you need to use USB Type A or B to microUSB and in case OnePlus 5 USB Type A or B to Type-C port adapter. The full form of OTG is On-The-Go, means use the compatible external device anywhere anytime you want.

Step 1: The OnePlus is not going to detect the OTG cable attached USB drive by itself because the OTG option by default is disabled and you have to enable it manually.

Step 2: To enable the Oneplus 5 OTG support go to settings.

Step 3: Scroll the settings options and find the option “Advanced“.

Step 4: Tap the Advance setting and find out the option OTG. You will find a small toggle button in front of that just slide it and you will able to use the pen drive or external USB drives.

Note: If the OTG function remains inactive for 10 minutes, the OnePlus OS automatically off the OTG. It means once you removed the Pendrive and not using any external device via OTG it will turn off.  So, every time to use any OTG compatible device you need to turn it on.

How To Enable OTG On Oneplus 5T

OnePlus 5T is now a trusted product that has gained popularity in a short time span. The increasing demand for this phone has let many people to explore the features that make it handle the device easily. Of course, OnePlus 5T is a trusted smartphone that has enabled users to keep up the pace in every aspect. It has a lot of features that are best in every aspect. However, it’s not always necessary that every user knows how to access them. Well, if you have just invested on this device and want to know how to enable OTG on OnePlus 5T, this post is useful for you.

OTG is a good feature in most of the modern devices in the present time. Although there are certain methods for transferring the data from device to device or from device to PC, the fact cannot be denied that a cable connection is always a better one than the wireless. This is true when it comes to getting speed. If you have large data on your device and you simply need to transfer or want to add it, the OTG support is a good option for you. It’s not just because the data can be transferred quickly, but at the same time, one can also have no reason to worry about connection termination which causes delays. Actually, the OTG feature is available by default but it needs to be accessed from the settings. So here is what you need to do.

Instructions to enable OTG on OnePlus 5T

  • First of all, unlock your device screen
  • Open the main Settings now
  • Scroll down to the System Section
  • You will find an “Advanced Option”. Simply tap on it.
  • After this, tap the OTG storage option. This will enable OTG on your OnePlus 5T

This procedure is extremely simple and there is nothing much you need to do. It’s upto you whether you need to keep it enabled all the time or not. If you want, you can disable it anytime in the similar manner as discussed above. It must be noted that using the OTG on this device is a bit different as compared to others. However, you need not to worry about anything and you can proceed simply with it. So this is how you can enable OTG on OnePlus 5T simply.

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